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About Poxy Boggards

In 1993 in a shabby apartment in Long Beach, California, two sometimes-musicians mused about a Renaissance Faire band devoted to bawdy music -- both original and traditional -- with multiple harmony lines and traditional instruments. The Poxy Boggards were born. Since then the Boggards have delighted and shocked thousands of concert and Faire goers across Southern California. 

They've won two independent music awards (one for best album and another for best performance), and the music award at the first annual Hollywood Fringe Festival. 
In 2009, one of the band's most notorious songs, I Wear No Pants, was used in a Super Bowl commercial, kicking off a year-long, worldwide advertising campaign for Levis/Dockers. 

To date, the Poxy Boggards have published ten CDs and one digital LP. Their eleventh CD, Atlas Chugged, is due to be released in the Spring of 2018. 

However, due to the widespread transition to digital online music, this will likely be the last physical CD we publish. 

Instead, we have decided to start a year-round, full-time recording schedule, with which we will write or arrange, rehearse and record one song per month. Approximately once per year, we will collect these songs into an online album, available from most digital music outlets. 
But if you can't wait, you can subscribe and get these songs, one per month, right here. 

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