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About Bogi Takács

The current surprise: Every new backer gets an ebook (epub, mobi, pdf, odt) of my fantasy flash story All Talk of Common Sense, previously published in Polychrome Ink. This story is set in the same continuity as Standing on the Floodbanks, my novelette published in GigaNotoSaurus.

Greetings, dear visitor!

I'm Bogi Takács, a Hungarian Jewish agender trans person (e/em/eir/emself or singular they pronouns) currently living in the US as a resident alien. I write speculative fiction and poetry - I have had work published in various professional venues like Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, Apex and Strange Horizons. You can find my bibliography on my website.

I also review books, short fiction, and poetry.
My reviews and recommendations can be found at Bogi Reads the World. I focus on work by marginalized authors (not characters or themes).

I edit SFF short fiction and poetry too - most recently, check out Transcendent 2: The Year's Best Transgender Speculative Fiction 2016 in stores in Fall 2017, published by Lethe Press and recommended by Publishers Weekly and Locus.

I also use Patreon to run a webserial: Iwunen Interstellar Investigations (I3). You can read a bit more about this below. The prologue season of 26 episodes just finished and Season 1 is now running!

Patreon has helped me immensely in being able to do more in speculative literature. Thank you very much for supporting my work :)


If you support me, you can get more of everything! More stories, more poems, more recommendations and reviews. I do intend to share most of my work in public, as I've always done. But if you back me, you will see everything first, and in many cases, you will also be able to influence what you're getting! You can vote on what I should review, get to sneak words into my stories, see previews of work coming later and get Patreon-exclusive fiction and poetry.

$1: You get all the backer posts, including fiction and poetry
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$5: You get advance previews of my book guying guides every month, and a personalized sketch!
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$50: I write you a piece of fiction or poetry per month!


Monday: Iwunen episode
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Thursday: Post on Bogi Reads the World
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Sunday: Post on Bogi Reads the World


I am also using my Patreon to run an online serial, Iwunen Interstellar Investigations (I3). Get your weekly portion of a cheerful nonbinary trans couple solving magical crimes around the universe! Each season is a standalone novelette or novella, serialized one 800-1500-word chapter each week. The prologue season of I3, Glory As Birthright, introduces the two protagonists Ranai and Mirun, and recounts how they had originally met.

I3 has plenty of those aspects of my work that can be hard to place in traditional publishing. Huge crowds of trans people! Consensual power exchange! Fluffy nonsexual kink! Pain and enthusiasm! Complicated gender feels! Cheerful neuroatypicality! All this in a vast future setting with ample amounts of space magic, political conflicts and social controversies, from sports scandals to weapon smuggling.

In I3 I write about a happy trans, queer and demisexual couple in a long-term relationship that also has power exchange aspects. Queer and especially trans people are often only shown in tragic relationships and situations in SFF. I promise you: Ranai and Mirun stay together, though they go through a lot - fighting crime is never easy!


Ranai ta-n Iwunen traveled the Interstellar Alliance and beyond, before finally settling on the small planetoid of Eren. Between teaching magic to advanced students and chasing a child who only wants to eat cupcakes, Ranai's days are full - or so they think. But one morning, a stranger crashlands in their neighborhood, breaching the planetary defense barrier.

Mirun the newcomer is seriously injured and has difficulty communicating, yet wants to talk to Ranai - and to learn from them. But Ranai's having enough trouble with their other students, including Wuda-reyun, a haughty young noble from a feudal state attempting to join the Interstellar Alliance. While the young noble is busy scoffing at the meager food and lodging offerings - standard for everyone else on Eren -, the feudal state is engulfed in organic matter from an Alliance bioweapon.

The Ereni leadership ask Ranai if they would be willing to locate the weapon smugglers and defuse the conflict, and Ranai certainly has both the requisite diplomatic experience and the magical expertise. But if Ranai says yes, what will happen to the mysterious newcomer... and who will bake the cupcakes?

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New book pile video!! As previously, backers will be able to vote on the topic, but the video will be free for everyone.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 225 exclusive posts

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