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Thank you for this awesome contribution! Your name, handle, drawing, or logo will be added as graffiti somewhere on the walls of the Pit (in gameworld).

You'll get:
  • access to work-in-progress patron-only posts like screenshots, progress updates, etc.
  • A graffiti somewhere in the game
  • a big thanks in the game's credits
  • LBbb Discord Server
Includes Discord benefits


per month
Access to small work-in-progress builds (.exe files) of the preview scenes you see in the videos. This means you can play around with these game chunks on your computer instead of just watching me do it! Plus, you'll get to send me a picture of a character/pet/object you'd like to be placed somewhere in the game. The Player will not be able to interact with the character in any way, but you'll be able to recognize it.

you'll get:
  • all lower tier awards
  • a non-interactable character based on you or your design
  • access to WIP game builds
  • a guaranteed free early-access copy of the game
Includes Discord benefits


Limited (34 of 40 remaining)
per month
Want to include yourself or someone in the game? Maybe someone who means a lot to you, and you'd like to immortalize it or surprise someone by adding it to the game? Or, maybe someone you hate and want to see them suffer? We will work together on adding the character with a short conversation, if possible, of course.

you'll get:
  • all lower tier awards
  • One character based on your idea
  • a guaranteed free early-access copy of the game
  • a guaranteed free copy game's original soundtrack
Includes Discord benefits




per month

About Bohemian Pulp

Welcome to the Bohemian Pulp's Patreon!

About Bohemian Pulp

Bohemian Pulp is currently mainly Djordje Markovic's passion project with a few helping hands on the side. The idea is to have a small, agile Game Dev Studio making quality-story games that will be affordable (or even free) for everyone and only backed by the fan support - in this case, Patreon.

Other people helping out:
  • Oskar Kogut - Optimizing and tidying all the messy code Djordje makes,
  • Sava Botic - Working on the Original Soundtrack,
  • Ranko Grandpa Tiger - Advising the narrative.

About the current project: "Let Bions be bygones"

The current project is a full-length, narrative-focused, future-noir detective game called Let Bions be bygones, or shortly LBbb.

  • The story is about one of humanity's fundamental fears and how some hypothetical extremes in the dystopian future handle it. The "hero," an archetypical hard-boiled detective John Cooper, living a hard life in an overcrowded megacity's slums, will be looking for a missing Highborn girl. Seemingly an easy case, it will turn out to be much more than that. 
  • The cliches are there on purpose, supporting the story with familiar characters and plot archetypes while introducing new challenges, ideas, and twists.
  • The world is a futuristic dystopia where everything is possible only if you have enough money. This makes a huge difference between the classes, where the rich are godlike figures, the middle struggling to become rich, and the poor living in a completely different, seemingly free society. LBbb will mostly be based in one of the "poor" lawless society, with Cooper coming from the middle, and the client and the victim being the rich.
  • The game's mechanics have a point-and-click adventure feel while being more influenced by choose-your-adventure and RPG games. Moving the focus on telling the story through many branching narrative choices, rather than having you stuck in meaningless inventory or, god forbid, minigame puzzles. 
  • There will be many playstyles. You will be able to carelessly muscle through the game, make webs of intrigue with characters, explore, listen to the stories, etc. They all make various experiences and game-changing choices with consequences, driving the story in different directions and ending with three drastically different endings.
  • Game length: The game will consist of three Acts, launching in episodic fashion.
    • Act I will include the Early Demo Prologue (which you can download and try for free right now by clicking the link below) and about 10 times that much replayable gameplay with many different combinations. 
      • Release date: Q1 2021
    • Act II will expand on the already set up story and probably giving some new sidequests. 
      • Expected release date: Q3 2021
    • Act III will finish the story, also adding sidequests and expanding the world.
      • Expected release date: Late 2021 / Early 2022

FREE [LBbb] Early Demo Download Link

$60.75 of $100 per month
with 100$ a month i can barely pay for my bills, but that's one worry off my back. looking forward to getting to this point.
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