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I Like Your Writing Fund

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For those keen to chuck their coins in my online cup in solidarity, appreciation and support of my writing projects.

Bohomofo Coven

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The Bohomofo coven is for those keen to dive deeper into the real life practice of the craft and is focused on the exploration of spirituality through the container of ritual, spellcraft and devotion. Whether a total novice or a seasoned enchantress, this tier offers you an opportunity to craft your own magical workings and deepen your connection to nature and to yourself.

Each month will follow the path of the moon and the dance of the planets and will be a deeper connection to the new world astrology that I post on my social media channels. This makes what you read become real by connecting you through the power of ritual and alchemical thinking.

This tier includes:

A deeper astrological lens including key moon and planetary movements to aid your magical planning

Ritual observation of the wheel of the year, the sabbats and their correspondence to seasons and cycles, no matter which corner of the earth smiles at you

Spells, rituals and recommendations for the specific moon phases

Altar suggestions and correspondences according to theme and season

Sabbats and rituals eight times a year in addition to the moons

A 10% discount on bespoke spells or ritual if you are after something deeply personalised

5% discount on readings and shadow sessions

First bite on magical products, potions and altar pieces crafted by me, before they are released to the rest of the world

Early bird tickets to my signature full mooners and dark mooners

Sporadic Bohomofo newsletters with offers, inside info and astro updates

The Bohomofo Coven was launched in Scorpio season and commenced on Samhain (Northern hemisphere) / Beltane (Southern hemisphere) in 2019. No matter when you join our coven community, you have access to the history of the coven including all posts to date.

All are welcome to join and we cultivate a respectful learning space, liberally peppered with vulnerability and humour.

10% of coven contributions support the National Justice Project and their targeted health-law service and advocacy for First Nations people in Australia as part of the #paytherent initiative.

Are you with us, darkling?

Witch On Call

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For those who are looking to pop me on your speed dial as your personal witch, this tier allows you unfettered access. As my most significant contributor you will have my bottomless gratitude, undying affection and ardent attention.

Beyond all that, this tier entitlies you to:

> One hour session with Bohomofo and my full medicine bag per month

> My digital door open to you for quick questions, astroqueries and whatever else you may need to enquire about

> Your name and my admiration for you in the thank you section of my first published work

> Access to special events and limited edition broadcasts on Patreon

> Access to the Bohomofo Coven

> First option on the upcoming Bohomofo Boundaries and Self Care Salons (beginning 2020)

> 10% discount on all Bohomofo products and services for the life of your Patreonage




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My name is Kerrie and I am Bohomofo. An experienced tarot reader, astrologer, mentor and teacher, I am a writer at heart who makes my home on the wild coast of Australia. With a decades old background in natural therapies, the occult and my beloved witchcraft - as well as many, many years of good old fashioned study and experience tucked under my belt - I am passionate about reflecting your innate wisdom back to you in myriad forms. My work holds the space for you to unlock the door to it all, tucked in the last place we tend to look, in the shadow.

I have started this Patreon page for myriad purposes. The first is to continue to build the community of support and understanding that is the ethos behind Bohomofo.. Here on Patreon I am creating a coven and a home for our magical workings. I will be offering new salons for those looking to delve into witchcraft and spellcraft or devoting themselves even more deeply to these high arts. In the new year I will be offering broader access to my signature courses on Intuition, Boundaries and Self Care at an affordable monthly rate, with sliding scales of additional connection and support.

Through the funds committed here I plan to fund the self publishing of my first book, a collection of my work to date entitled Rhyme and Reason : A Book of Uncommon Sense. I am also hard at work on an oracle deck and my first novel, all of which I plan to self publish.

I have been blogging regularly for many years and thousands of online posts. I have been published by Rebelle Society, The Planthunter, Pacific Roots Magazine (Sweden), Health and Wellness Mag and more. Unfortunately in an online world, creative content is rarely paid. Instead it is exchanged for exposure which still is not accepted by utility companies or banks as payment! I work as a tarot reader, shadow guide and mentor as my day job but my heart lies with the written word. That is where and how I work my magic.

This page will be dedicated to the flourishing of my work and the publishing of my writing. If you have appreciated my words over the years, I hope you will support me here.

Thank you,

10% of Patreon contributions support the National Justice Project and their targeted health-law service and advocacy for First Nations people in Australiad as part of the #paytherent initiative.

$599.68 of $1,000 per month
When I reach my first tier goal of $1000 / month in subscriptions I will begin the process of professionally editing, formatting, designing and publishing my first book. Yes it is written (if constantly still subject to the scrutiny of my Obsessive Editing Disorder) and yes you will be able to hold it and read it the old fashioned way.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 85 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 85 exclusive posts

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