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Preferably, the main reason people would donate to me is that they enjoy my work, or share my tastes. That would be great. I like girls and girl fights(Preferably wrestling, but I'm open).

I'll at least say that the animation library idea was a unique one. Doesn't look like it really took too well however. So with that, I'm reformatting my patreon to be a tad more enticing.

Honestly, there's been a bit of confusion with the difference between "tentative" and "mini" games. To make things less contrive, tentative games will go under loyalty rewards. Mini games remain the same. See below for relevant descriptions.

Some definitions of content found here, just to clear up any misunderstandings:

Featured Games:
These games hail from my website and are usually shown on my patreon, mainly for garnering attention. A featured game will most likely be released at some point in the future(though it can take longer than you might like) regardless of the patreon campaign, thus it is not a direct result of the patreon campaign or it's workings. A featured game may however, be used for patron rewards.

Mini Games:
Mini games are small games that have a very limited scope when compared to featured games, hence they can be created and updated very quickly. If you see a preview or a screenshot posted, chances are it was ready to play yesterday. Hopefully, I'll be able to make a bunch of these, however I'll only be working on three at a time, at the most. These are updated monthly, as long as the first goal is reached, and are influenced by patron input and feedback.

Loyalty Rewards:
Loyalty rewards can be anything ranging from a picture to a short game. They can be an animation, a game prototype, or a game that will only be released once, at that point in time, and never again, or a few years down the road. Loyalty rewards will have no set time of release and can be released spontaneously.

To be eligible for loyalty rewards you must satisfy at least one of these conditions:
A: Have a lifetime of $100 or more
B: Have a lifetime of $15 or more, and have been a patron for the past 3 months

Note that even if you are a patron with a lifetime of over $100, if you are not a patron at the time of the loyalty rewards release, you will have to wait until the next release to get that loyalty reward, if you're here.

Q: I've declined for reason 'xyz'. Can I still get my loyalty rewards?
A: Yes. Shit happens. However, if you are constantly declining, there might be an issue. Also, if you are marked as declining at the time loyalty rewards are sent out, you will have to wait until the next release to get them. I will never send out loyalty rewards close to patrons charging period, so you should have ample time to fix what needs to be fixed.

Q: I've stopped my pledge for reason 'xyz', but I'm back a day later. Do I have to wait another three months?
A: Yes. Sorry, but this is how this works.

I'll try to get previews of loyalty rewards posted up at my colleagues website. They will be marked as such, so that you don't confuse them with whatever else he's got posted there.

Currently Featured Game: Demon Tale

Previously Featured Game: Monster Beater Reki

You take on the role of Reki, a young woman living on her own in the country. One day her peaceful life is interrupted when she returns home to find that a precious keepsake has been stolen. She ventures out to get it back, meeting several interesting characters along the way, whom along with her find themselves in various and often lewd situations. 

You can try/buy the game here:

IMPORTANT: If you decide to pledge, keep in mind that mini games are only sent out around the start of the month. You will be charged up front. If I'm not planning on releasing files for the month, then there will be no monthly charge, however I will send out the previous update if you need it. Files are normally sent out now, on the 4th or 5th of the month.

Planned Loyalty Rewards:
D Tale (Title May Change)
Wrestling Dynamic (Title May Change)

Mini Games Currently Playable:
Phoenix vs. Pantera
Double D: Nexus
Armored Arena

Phoenix Vs. Pantera Public Release:!Vw53DQwS!fkqQZDYrdRkhXpP_RpkR0TR...

Double D: Nexus Public Release:!Ns4FUa6A!wQytSKcp9s7XIzsrfI_bYl4...

Featured Games Completed:
Monster Beater Reki - Public Release:04/10/2019
Mighty Matsume
92% complete
I can get ridiculously creative, if I have the time to do so...And you know what they say:
"Time is Money"
I know it's a bit ambitious to start, but it's worth a try.
At this goal, I will update two mini games per month.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 82 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 82 exclusive posts

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