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About Bomb Cyclone

What is Bomb Cyclone?

The term bombogenesis, colloquially ‘bomb cyclone,’ describes a rapidly intensifying weather system spurred by a steady drop in atmospheric pressure over a period of 24 hours. Founded in the midst of such a storm in January 2018, Bomb Cyclone addresses the rapid deterioration of global climate infrastructure and international relations over the previous year.

The nature of ecopoetics—a dialogue between land, air, water, and song—is unavoidably both personal and political, local and global. Environmental factors impact us according to other dimensions of our lives—including race, ethnicity, gender, class, and ability. Bomb Cyclone is a literary journal that views ecopoetics through an intersectional, international, and interdisciplinary lens, and we strive to give space to artists whose work intersects these margins.

Alright. But why Patreon?

Thus far, Bomb Cyclone has published several issues filled with poetry, prose, and mixed media artworks that we're very proud of (those issues can be read in our archive). But ecopoetics is a topic as broad as ecology itself, and we'd like to widen the scope of what we do to include even more voices and methods of engagement. In the future, we'd like to offer workshops in poetry and ecoart that can be attended locally in the heart of NYC. We would also like to add a recurring interview series to be published alongside our biannual offerings, profiling artists, scientists and activists whose work focuses on environmental change. And of course, we'd like to continue publishing beautiful and diverse issues that showcase work we feel is important.

And, well, your support can help us do that! Funds received from Patreon will go both to the editorial staff and to our featured artists. The more support we receive, the more time and attention we can devote to developing Bomb Cyclone into something bigger than just a storm.

Who are we?

Kinsey Cantrell
Poetry, Mixed Media | Events Team

Kinsey Cantrell is a Brooklyn-based poet. Her work appears in Anomaly, Datableed, New Delta Review, and elsewhere. She was a semi-finalist for the 92Y Discovery Contest and long-listed for the Disquiet Lit Prize, and she is on the Events and Social Media teams at VIDA: Women in Literary Arts. Her work often explores the relationship between neoliberalism and chronic illness, as well as the intelligiblity of invisible and at times undiagnosed conditions. She can be found online at and on Twitter @kinseymads.

Valentine Conaty
Poetry, Mixed Media | Editor in Chief

Valentine Conaty is a Birmingham-grown artist and editor based in Queens. She has curated poetry and visual arts for Loose Change and founded Bomb Cyclone. At work, she supports poets, small presses, and literary nonprofits in planning events at Poets House—among the nation’s largest public poetry libraries. Recent work may be found in Anomaly, The Operating System’s Ex-Spec Po series, Glass Poetry’s Poets Resist series, and Petrichor. Find her on Twitter @queertrix.

Catty Donnelly
Poetry, Prose, Mixed Media | Art Director

Catty Donnelly is a voice actor, illustrator and composer from New York. They are currently working on a new musical, but it’s coming slowly, so don’t hold your breath or anything.

Phoebe Kaufman
Poetry, Prose | Events Team

Phoebe Kaufman, a recent graduate of Pomona College, writes about contemporary and medieval poetics, Jewish philosophy, and holes. She lives in Brooklyn and is currently employed.

Hannah Larrabee
Poetry, Prose | Social Media Team

Hannah Larrabee is a poet, science-geek, and former Mainer who grew up on a blueberry farm. Her first full-length collection, Wonder Tissue, won the 2018 Airlie Press Prize. Her chapbook Murmuration (Seven Kitchens Press) is part of the Robin Becker Series for LGBTQ poets. She’s had work appear in: Harpoon Review, Lambda Literary Spotlight, Rock & Sling, and elsewhere. Hannah was one of 22 artists selected by NASA to see the James Webb Space Telescope, and her JWST poems were displayed at Goddard Space Center. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of New Hampshire.

Allya Yourish
Poetry, Prose

Allya Yourish is a poet and Fulbright grantee currently living in a small town in rural Malaysia. In daily life, she stumbles through the few words of Bahasa Melayu she knows and finds poetry in the constraints of her new vocabulary. Before being where she is today, she lived in Portland, Sarasota, and New York, in that order. She does not know where she will live next.

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