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About Boniae

I'm incredibly happy that people enjoy the stories that I love creating! Helping contribute to my patreon will fund my efforts to work on my projects during my own free time.

Four Corners

Set in 1995, Yokohama, the comic follows Kazuhiro Tsuchiya who now leads his deceased brother's legendary gang, the Four Corners. Kazuhiro is approached by Hideki Yuhara, a schoolmate who claims to have vital information that Kazuhiro should be wary of. The two unlikely delinquents pair up to figure out the reason as to why gangs in the city are being brutally eliminated...though the unraveling of the mystery is darker than it appears. How far will Kazuhiro and Hideki go to rest their case? 

For the most part, this is a comic that can be read online, but the public version is quite a few pages behind from what's created. Currently $1 patrons get to see extra art, early comic thumbnails, work in progresses and other intimate updates. $5+ patrons have access to the most recent pages that are released (right now, a majority of chapter 7), 4C related narratives and more!


Download the current beta release (All endings finished, artwork, editing, and GUI needs work)

Ezra has come to a conclusion: he must drop out of college by the end of the semester. Amidst meeting new friends and rekindling neglected relationships, he'll say his goodbyes to an important chapter in his life and make way for the next.

This is my current BL visual novel that is very near to the end of it's production. By jumping on my patreon now, you'll get to see all the CG, background art, and screen shots while they're being drawn and implemented into the game. Not to mention, by pledging on patreon, you'll be helping me pay for additional original soundtracks I'll be commissioning for the upcoming release. Best of all, by being a patron, you'll be able to play the latest beta version! 

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  • Or spread the word about my work, comment, like, or just simply read and enjoy it. No matter what, your support is always appreciated by me. Thank you so much!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 242 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 242 exclusive posts

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