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Thanks so much for everyone that has been so supportive already! 
This account has grown way further than I expected, to the point where now it's basically my primary (for those that are new or unaware, my primary account has been Enro_the_Mutt, and I've been really enjoying making content for you guys.

What do I get for pledging?
For those that are new here and considering pledging to support me and the content I create, there's only 2 tiers currently.

The Basic Pledge, which is just $2 a month, grants you access to view and download all high resolution files, including alternate variations that may not be posted publicly, as well as occasional Work in Progress sneak peeks of current commissions that I'm working on. I also like to sneak in some exclusive YCHs every now and again!

And the Deluxe Pledge, which gets all of the above, and a little more! Deluxe supporters get to see ALL Work in Progress sneak peeks of commissions and sketches of my personal characters, as well as edited stream videos and recordings. You also get a little more influence over what I draw, including ideas for fanart or my personal characters, and suggestions for alternate variations of these images. 

What if I just want to commission you?

I do occasionally open commissions exclusively on here, but I plan to make more openings public for non-supporters, so even if you aren't interested in pledging right now, you can still follow me on here for updates on public posts!

I don't have a set schedule for openings, so if you ask me when I plan on opening, most likely my answer will be "I have no idea." 

I may end up editing or adding pledges in the future, as more people gradually pledge, but for now, it's mostly just a glorified tip jar for people that want to support what I love doing most, because without them, I wouldn't be able to. So thanks everyone that have pledged, and even the ones considering it!
100% complete
Currently most of the work I post here are either cleaned up sketches or simple colored pieces of solo characters. Once I reach this first tier, I'll be able to commit a lot more time into cleaning these up a lot more to have more polish and detailed content, more content with multiple characters, as well as alternate versions for them!
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