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is creating cartoons & comics about mental health, marriage & menopause.
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The Hilde Blog subscribers are the true-blue loyal glue that hold all the s#*& together on my Patreon.   

I might be your momma's age, but this isn't your momma's blog. 

With this tier:

  • Access to the blog where you'll be entertained with cartoons & blog posts/thoughts on a ton of different topics from a woman in her fifties who has no f$*& left to give about whether someone judges her thoughts and opinions. I'll be including cartoons, sketches, sketchbook pics and maybe some tutorials if I can get my sh&% together with videoing, ;)  

As a Hilde Blog subscriber you'll get access to my cartoons & blog posts where I chat about a range of topics from art, menopause, marriage, mental health, parenting, grand-parenting, feral cats, life transitions, cannabis, and whatever else floats my boat. Frequently,  I'll be including my art and cartooning and the process and thoughts I have as I make art and sketchbook pics.  

If you're not sure whether you should subscribe, here's what the readers of the Hilde Blog are generally like:  

They love blogs and love to take time out of their day & fart around the internet while reading about someone's thoughts on life.  They procrastinate on getting crap done, so they can catch up on blog posts.   But they'll most likely justify it as relaxation time or research time. 

Subscribers are the thinkers, the readers, the dry-humored-laughers and learners who love tidbits on other people's perspectives & lives and think the world is a taaaaaad wacky.  They're not afraid to read opinions from others and if they hear something they don't like or agree with, they contemplate it or move on instead of going bat-s#$* crazy that someone has an opinion different than them.  

They're most likely family orientated and never wanna hurt someone they love, but they do at times and feel like s%$# when THAT happens. They're feisty, but huge marshmallows in side and are mostly in touch with their feelings.  They probably like a solid corny joke. 

They can be edgy and stubborn and they really do love their parents or grandparents... but  will totally keep some secrets from them at times 'cause they don't wanna have momma freak or grandma cry.   

They have no problem dropping an F-bomb and it comes out of them easily...but never AT another least not to their face. 

They love to tell others about their own stories, opinions & mishaps, but if they don't feel comfie telling their own stories... they LOVE to listen to stories told by others.

A  great night out is hanging with a few friends at their favorite community bar, local restaurant or karaoke joint.  A great weekend might be hanging with a few friends or family and playing board games while hitting the Jameson, camping and chilling at the campfire,  vacationing with family or friends,  or sitting at home with a few friends and contemplating life.  





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About Bonnie Fitts Art 'n Design

Cartoonist, greeting card designer & therapist shares her raw--as well as completed--sketches and illustrations that are humorous, tongue-in-cheek, and are often cute or sarcastic perspectives on her life, people, and situations. Focusing mainly on marriage, menopause, and mental health, other topics will be included as her Creative Fairy strikes. 

Also included will be simple drawing tutorials for cartooning and other subjects and frequent sketchbook peek-a-boos and "artist thoughts" while creating her artwork. 

This patron-only feed features "Hilde" (aka the artist), "Joe" (the hubs of 30 years), the adult kids (shhhsh...don't tell them), Oliver (the cat/dog), & random people & situations encountered in life (could YOU be one of them? ha!). 

Exclusive content not posted ANYWHERE else...'Cause you mah special patreon peeps! :D
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Everyone has to start somewhere, right?  When I reach my first ten patrons I'll create a lil' cartoon illustration of all of us gathered together (or...if you'd like I'll include your lil' fur babies instead of you) so we all have a reminder that y'all were the "Original Ten" to get my Patreon off and running.  (you rock...thanks) . :D
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