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General Support Package
  • -Access to exclusive art! Including all my animations, drawings, doodles and sketches, speed paints, even ones never posted online before! (Release date to the public is usually 3 months later)
  • -Early access for Reploid REVO videos and completed illustrations before anyone else! And access to links to streams I host! (Me-wow!)
  • -All Patrons have commission slot priority when they're open before the general public with their tier amount reduced from the total price
  • 5% Discount code at the welcome message


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The Project File Package
  • Original project file downloads to animations, illustrations, and live 2d projects
  • -Previous tier rewards
  • -Step by step animation process sequences from the wips!
  • -Concept Art And Works In Progress for all my art/projects! (BORK~!!) 
  • -You'll also get status updates on new things I am learning, like After Effects and art techniques!
  • 10% Discount code on the store 


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VIP Package
  • Previous Tier rewards
  • Full Access to NSFW content, NSFW animations, and their included project files (Not main focus of the Patreon)
  • Exclusive access to a Patrons only server
  • Occasional cameo of member's Original Characters in some projects
  • Discussions and polls for ideas for videos, prints, shirt designs, and merchandise! Become part of the creative process! (WOWEE~!!)
  • -Exclusive 15% Discount Code for the store
  • Free Shipping For Life to our store
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About L. King

Hi Netizens! 

Welcome to my Patreon! I figured to just not let my dreams be dreams and just do it!

Some of the projects I've worked on include the videogames 20XX and 30XX, available now on Steam! You can get a good look at my artwork in action in those games! More artwork for 30XX is on the way, so pay attention to the game to see it as it releases!

If you're a Pokemon fan, you've probably seen a lot of my designs show up in other YouTuber's videos too, such as Mr. Buddy!

I also help work on Reploid REVO (A MegaMan themed YouTube channel) with my husband, Twitch, who runs the channel.

One of my long term projects is a comic series called "Rat's Nest." You can learn more about it here: http://ratsnest.me

If you like what you see, consider joining the Patreon to get a closer look at exclusive content as the series unfolds!

About Me:
I've been making artwork every single day of my life for as long as I can remember. I draw every day, and I am always honing my craft. I've been learning new techniques for both illustration and animation and have been slowly building myself up on this journey into this career path.

I've had a hard time growing up, with most of my family not quite understanding the virtues and values of my passion for art, but I've worked hard, and I've beaten the odds, and with your help, I can turn this passion into the career I know I was always meant to lead.

Please join me in making my passions come true! I'm creating original illustrations, fan art, animations, and many more. My top Patrons are even eligible to have themselves or their original characters cameo in my projects! Become a part of the Patreon and see what's in store!

Thank you so much just for being here and I hope to see you around!
-Luci King
"Bonus Level"

Disclaimer: Any and all NSFW content is 100% original content. NSFW is not the main focus of my Patreon and is not regularly uploaded as of July 2020 as documented in this post . All characters depicted are 18 years or older) 

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