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About Super Troupers

Super Troupers is an outreach programme coordinated by the Bonwa Dance Company that aims to empower and develop youth through co-curricular/extramural dance. Learners from schools in the Pietermaritzburg area participate in weekly classes that aim to develop confidence, leadership skills, and their creative voices as individuals. The curriculum is designed to engage youth in dialogues around social justice and community problem solving. Performances bring together learners from across different schools and serve as critical opportunities to connect youth across different backgrounds while engaging learners in the wider community.

We are seeking immediate funding to help cover transportation costs to and from our upcoming performances: [email protected], Jomba Youth Fringe Festival, Lahl’umlenze, Siyabaseka Rural Youth Arts Festival, Hilton Posh Market.

Secondary funding will be used to provide these same learners with meals when time commitments inhibit them from returning home.

Additional funding will go towards maintaining and expanding the programme:
  • Providing a monthly stipend for our international volunteer to offset transportation and living costs. She is working on developing a digital exchange program that would connect the Super Trouper learners with similar dance learners globally.
  • Renting studio space. The program is quickly outgrowing classrooms and schoolyards.
  • Costume hire and creation
  • Theatre/venue hire

Estimated costs:

Legends – R9 000
[email protected] – R10 000
Jomba Youth Fringe Festival – R10 000
Lahl’umlenze – R1500
Siyabaseka Rural Youth Arts Festival – R20 000
Hilton Posh Market - R2000
Transport Total: R52 500

International monthly stipend:
13 months at R4 000 a month – R52 000

Studio rental
40 weeks at R600/week – R24 000

Costume hire/creation – R20 000

Theatre/venue hire
R2000 X 4 shows per year – R10 000

Grand Total:
R13 209 ($951 USD) each month
R158 500 ($11 414 USD) for the year

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