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You just want To HEAR the interviews. The rest are details. I get it. You're busy and you only have time to listen to your favorite bodyboarders on your way to work, working out or heading to the beach. Then, you'll want to sign up as a boogLIFE Sandy Beach Patron.

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You want more than just the audio podcasts. You know I have tons of imagery From The Archives and you want it. Becoming a boogLIFE Off The Wall Patron gets you all the goods listed below.

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✓ 4 Interview Videos Per Month
✓ 16 Imagery Posts Per Month
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Like the name of the break, being a boogLIFE Pipeline Patron you will get the holy grail of bodyboarding podcasts. Have a look at the long list below and join me on this third year at boogLIFE.

✓ boogLIFE Sticker
✓ Pitted With Manny V (Mon & Fri)
✓ Watch FREE to Paid LIVE Streams
✓ Shout Outs Before All Pitted Videos
✓ Chance To Win Monthly Giveaway
✓ 4 Audio Podcasts Per Month
✓ 4 Interview Videos Per Month
✓ 16 Imagery Posts Per Month
✓ Patron-only Polls
✓ Tons of impromptu uploads



About boogLIFE

Going On Three Nows With Over 600 Posts!

Welcome to boogLIFE... our LIFE. Thank you for stopping by. As bodyboarders, we're all about getting sick pits, getting mental air, and drawing the perfect line through freight train barrels. Then, we like to talk story about it over the coming days, weeks, or years down the road. THAT, my friends... is what boogLIFE is all about. Join me as I sit down and chat with friends, new and old. As a boogLIFE patron, you'll get treated with some dope high-resolution pics and HD vids from all my past travels. This is our LIFE... this is boogLIFE.

As the main commentator on the bodyboarding world tour, I am limited by time on what I can say on the live broadcast. There are stories behind the stories. And it pains me that I can't share them with you on the live feed. Outside of the competition arena, the living legends of our sport have tons of stories that need to be heard as well.

I've found an incredible platform to deliver interviews of the living legends, new school top pros, the bodyboarding videographers/photographers, the regular ol' bodyboarder down the road... everyone that makes our bodyboarding community what it is today. The platform I've chosen is Patreon. If you want to support what I'm doing here, I'd be honored if you subscribed and become a boogLIFE Patron.

For the price of one fancy coffee, you'll get a ton of exclusive quality content delivered daily. It's easy to get the goods. Simply choose your Reward (monthly membership) and become a boogLIFE Patron. You'll immediately have access to Patron-Only posts including all the audio podcasts to date! That's over 100 interviews at your fingertips! For more info on what the different types of memberships entail, have a look at the Rewards or simply email me: [email protected] I'm always available to my soon-to-be Patrons and Patrons alike.

Come join my boog fam and share the stoke that I've had for the past 35 years!

Here's a link to the FREE samples of what to expect...
FREE SAMPLES ::: Audio, Photo, Video.


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If we make it to 200, then it will open up more time for me to get you even more epic content. If we get there, sweet. As long as I have you as a loyal boogLIFE Patron, the numbers game doesn't matter. BOOM!
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