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For the price of a monthly twitch subscription you've decided to join me here to get access to the basics.  Posts, emails, and more.

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What's Up Ladies and Gentlemen of Youtube....

Before you consider becoming a patron... consider instead making a donation in my name to St Jude's cancer research hospital.  I'd like that just as much and you'd be helping people who need it.

What's the purpose of this patreon?

The purpose of this patreon is the same as it ever was.  If you enjoy my content and want to kick in a dollar or more per month so that I can continue to stream on twitch, create youtube videos and post content for you to enjoy.

Also if you use an adblocker, 1 dollar means you're helping make up for those ads you blocked.  Thank you!

What will you do with the patreon money?
I still do well for myself with ads on my videos, subs on my twitch streams, and sponsors on my channels.  However the money from patreon will be considered supplemental:  it will mostly be used to offset the cost of content creation.  We might use the money to pay for things for francis to smash, or help cover some of the costs to create a travel video on the new "boogie travels" channel.  In the off chance we don't have an immediate use for the money it goes into the bank for future use.

Will you be active on patreon?
In the past I have treated patreon as a "set it and forget" it kind of thing.  Not really offering special content or interactions.  As of this update of the patreon I hope to interact more, making it part of my daily routine.
67 of 250 patrons
When we reach a goal of 250 patrons I will create a MONTHLY video exclusively to patreon.  it will likely be a LIFE UPDATE discussing the same stuff I used to discuss on the main channel.  Health, mental state, weight loss, and other things.  I will even sometimes answer questions in video form from what you've asked in patreon emails.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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