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Welcome to the Bookbot Patreon Page. Where you can make a difference to world literacy.

It’s a massive issue

It’s true: literacy levels are shockingly low and poor reading and comprehension impedes potential. It’s a worldwide disgrace.

The thing is, there’s a method of teaching literacy - explicit systematic phonics (see below) - that is scientifically proven to be successful, but it just isn’t getting used in schools as much as it should. Why not? One of the reasons is that many of the books used for teaching literacy in schools are outdated and inappropriate and it’s too expensive to replace them.

And here’s another killer: this method works brilliantly for every child. That includes those kids who are struggling to read because of difficulties like dyslexia.

Our Solution… simple: we will provide high quality decodable books to schools FOR FREE. That’s correct: we will remove the economic barrier and make these books accessible to every teacher that has access to a duplex photocopier. And at some point in the future - when we have the resources - we will even print them and ship them at wholesale cost.

That’s our vision. Free, high quality books that will help everyone learn to read.

And you can be part of this awesomeness.

Here’s where we are now:

We’ve already created a library of decodable books that covers Level One (beginner readers) through to Level 19 (competent readers). These books are a collection of fiction and non-fiction books that have been written and illustrated by our team. They use a variety of techniques to make them as accessible as possible: design, font and brightness have all been optimised. You can find these  free books for kids here.

And here’s where we’d like to be

We’ve got so many ideas for books that will fill the gaps for decodable texts:

  • books for dyslexic girls
  • humorous books
  • comic books
  • reference books...

That’s where you come in.

Just select your reward from the fabulous choice to the right of this screen and we'll do the rest.

The Academic Stuff: For those of you want to know more.

Many scientific studies have proven that explicit systematic phonics instruction is the most effective way to teach children to read. That sounds pretty complicated, but in simple terms:

Teaching phonics means teaching children the sounds made by individual letters or letter groups. So, the letter ‘c’ makes a ‘k’ sound. Once the sounds are learnt, the little reader learns to merge - or blend - the separate sounds to make a word. So, the sounds ‘k’, ‘a’ and ‘t’ make ‘cat’. It’s about teaching children to decode letters into their corresponding sounds.

Teaching explicit phonics means that children are taught directly about the associations between letters and sounds. Alternative approaches expect children to learn that indirectly.

Learning the code is like a journey: you have to start at the beginning. The process starts with simple letter sound rules and then moves on to more complex patterns and rules. It is a methodical, or systematic, process.

What are decodable books?

Decodable books follow the phonics system of learning to read (see  What is phonics?). Our library of decodable books has been created to follow a systematic programme of phonics. The reader is introduced to letter patterns and sounds and taught to blend them to decode the words: ‘k’ ‘a’ ‘t’ makes cat - that’s why they’re called decodable books. The books introduce new letters and sounds as they progress through the levels.
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Speed and consistency are vital. When we reach this goal we’ll be able to hire a full-time editor/producer to keep the great books hitting the (virtual) shelves.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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