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You simply like what we do and want to show your support for the podcast. This tier will give you access to our patron only content, early access to The Bookcast Club and a big virtual squeeze from us to you. You can set the monthly amount to whatever you are able to give.
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Monthly bonus episodes! Not quite as polished as the main podcast, and perhaps slightly more niche, but we figure you're probably into that. You also have access to all other benefits in the lower tiers. You can set the monthly amount to whatever you are able to give.

Cheers mate - Aussie for 'thanks pal!'

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A physical book*, chosen by us, based on your personal interests, sent twice a year. You will also receive quarterly, personalised recommendations* and access to all the benefits included with lower tiers. You can set the monthly amount to whatever you are able to give.

Diolch yn Fawr - Welsh for 'thank you very much!'

*You must be signed up and have paid three monthly payments before you receive your first recommendations and six monthly payments before you receive your first book.




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About The Bookcast Club

Thank you! Firstly, for even landing on this page, secondly if you've handed over some of your hard earned $$$ a big, massive, squeezy (with extra squeeze) hug to you.

The Bookcast Club is a podcast by four book loving pals - Jenny (the Welsh one), Alice (the English one), Sarah (the Aussie one) and Chris (the American one), who chat fortnightly about the books they're loving and loathing and get topical in most episodes. We read diversily and cover most genres on the pod, so you'll find us talking fantasy, horror, literary, non-fiction, romance and everything in between.

The pod was started back in 2017 by Alice and Jenny, two friends who simply loved reading and talking about books. It's fair to say we weren't very regular with our uploads so in 2020 we brought in new booky blood. Since bringing Sarah on board we've been publishing episodes fortnightly! And in 2022, the wonderful Chris of Chris Bookish Cauldron became a permanent member of the club. You can read more about us on our website.

Why support the Bookcast Club?
  • Early access to The Bookcast Club. Depending how quickly we edit you'll get  access to The Bookcast Club up to a week earlier than released.
  • Bonus episodes. Amazingly we have too many ideas for episodes and some a tad niche, so we'll share them here with our patrons. Get instant access to over 15 episodes by becoming a patron today.
  • Personal book recommendations. We can recommend books to you based on your personal preferences. Between the four of us we've got you covered!
  • Books in the post! Join our top tier and you'll get a book through the post, tailored to your taste, and chosen by one of the four of us. We endeavour to buy books from your local independent book shop.
  • Warm fuzzies. You're supporting independently run content and that's pretty awesome! Making a podcast is an expensive enterprise and your support means the podcast can remain free for all (expect you, but you know what we mean!) and ad free.

Thank you! for supporting the podcast. If you have any questions send them our way [email protected] You can also send us tips on Kofi if you're happy to support us for no reward -


When is The Bookcast Club Podcast released?
We release episodes fortnightly. Episodes are generally released every other Friday.

You take December off, do you still charge your patrons?
We do not charge patrons for the month of December.

How do you tailor the book recommendations for your supporters?
We get you to fill a short questionnaire in, telling us your bookish likes, dislikes, even which host you'd prefer your recommendations from (although we can't guarantee this). If you've got a Goodreads account we ask you to link to it. That way, we can tailor our recommendations to you and hopefully not recommend a book you've already read. 

Where do you buy the books?
We always try and find an independent book shop near you that delivers. We're huge advocates of supporting independent book shops. If you have a book shop you would particularly like us to support, do let us know.

Do you send new releases or older books?
We really do tailor our recommendations to your personal preferences and don't let the price dictate our choices. Sometimes this means you'll be sent a new release in hardback, sometimes they will be older releases in paperback, but we won't send you a book that you could easily find in a charity shop for a £1, that's not our style.
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Pay it Forward Pot - When we hit £75 a month we will set up a fund to buy books for those who can't afford them. It will essentially be a pot of money that people can dip into to buy books. There won't be a requirement to justify using the pot, it will be done on a trust basis. £75 dollars a month will cover the basic cost of running the podcast and allow us to set aside £20 a month for readers to use. We will purchase books from independent book shops.
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