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It is very likely a collaborative investment related to property ownership rights or land stewardship. 



About Erica Kitner

Starting a carnival! Kind of.

First, it takes the form of a book series. (+++)

Through storytelling, I am grounding my wild vision of an ancient future, an earthly era we both long for and remember. I am currently working on a book series which I see projected to film. It also has an accompanying soundtrack, developing. And illustrations! And... a full-fledged divination system. But the actual books are the main product emerging. 

Ultimately my vision is boundless, it is somewhat dizzying. I see traveling biophiliac carnival flower symphony orchestral supper clubs.  An Elvin paper company, some sort of educative and research-based cultural organization. A sacred temple space. It swirls together refusing to be categorized, being entirely new, entirely of another paradigm. Yet, it must somehow ground in utterly practical ways into this world. Otherwise, everything is drifting... like aimless, but beautiful clouds.

I am an advocate of UBI, of new economic structures that align with our life-affirming values and ensuring that all are unconditionally supported in accessing their basic needs. More importantly than any created ~thing~, I am creating community that orbits the values that matter, for the harmonious thriving and evolution of human life on Earth and far beyond.

Why I write:

I write to dream a new world to life. 

To pray, to process, to conjure,

what is both a love letter to humankind and all life and to you, to coagulate a wild guide for living.

To explore what is both a wondrous and also seemingly limited reality. With my eyes and heart wide open. To hear the obscured voices of this sacred Earth. As a testament to magic, as a triumph above sin and even the concept of sin, for no reason. As a river of language returning to the ocean, and one emerging of it. To push the boundaries of beauty. 

If you choose to become my patron, or even if you are cheerleading this project energetically, thank you so much for your trust and belief in me and my work. It has been a really challenging journey to stay connected at times and to cultivate this connection and bring it through as work, but I will never stop.

Your help and support are so meaningful, sometimes helping me believe I even deserve/want to be here on this wild planet. Sometimes my different way of thinking/perceiving can be very isolating, and I have come to expect very little from others. But material support is still appreciated. We all share the right to exist; we deserve this essential safety grant. Access to housing, nutritious foods, and clean water and air are rights. (even supportive thoughts are helpful- i take empowered prayer srsly)

A UBI reflects collective values for mutual love, social support, justice and equality. It isn't just one institutional structure in place, but reflective of a whole system of thought in place. 

Thank you for nourishing my health, curiosity and artistically and holistic health driven community oriented projects.


If you are considering becoming a patron, here is the deal:

I'm going to be releasing at least one piece of polished work a month, starting in the summer of 2019.

It will likely be a chapter from my novel series, but it might be a song, an illustrated story (from the book series)

All of these pieces are being woven into what will be a tangible (as ecologically produced as possible , and improving always too) magickal cascade of books.

For rewards tiers, I offer

+ backstage access to: unrated work, racy tantric erotica or poetry I'm not sure about sharing in public or that is too raw, some of my more intimate visual journal notes and raw story pieces.($5/month)

+ copies of all the books from the series, as they are released! ($44/month)

+ a digital AND beautiful printed compilation of various things that have been written already, plus digital versions of the books from the series ($33/month)

+ oozing my gratitude and acknowledgement to you in a personal message ($3/month)

+ access to my online writing classes (...that don't yet exist)($20/month)

*Some reward tiers offer the opportunity to share your own story with me, and have me weave work inspired by you into my stories.


I also am creating classes to offer in developing magickal writing, body movement.

As I stabilize work and income, I intend to travel to places around the planet to do healing work with nature spirits and renegade souls, to work w the portals, to empower new culture and ways of living on earth. To ground my energy to communities where I will live many years.

The dream (and what I imagine through literature and eventually, film, through the events I will organize and the classes to offer) is the creation of ecological earth-human-spirit communities and cities. 

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A Basic Income

This amount is per month. I intend to charge publishers as well, and make income beyond Patreon, eventually bringing in a BI through passive royalties. Universal basic income is something I believe will liberate us to focus on our passions and compassions. I would deeply appreciate one and believe this pursuit encompasses the commitment to support and create a UBI for all.

I plan to share overflow with others fueling their own UBI or those who may not be actively pursuing one who I feel could benefit.

I want to live well, to pursue my projects and passions freely and be of service to humankind. To share my work in extremely accessible ways, whether it is art or healing services.

I am grateful for the support coming from anywhere and everywhere.
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