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Why is this work published on Patreon instead of Facebook or other "more accessible" platforms? Because, in the words of the incomparable Shoshana Zuboff, "They have no right to my face or yours."
BOTS is about Curation, Context, Content, and Creativity for a mentally healthier Global Brain and a flourishing human Post-Automation Era.

So, hi there. Thanks cracking open this (hopefully, one day, more video interactive) Book of True Self, by whatever trail of fortunate and unfortunate events, intents, swipes, taps, and clicks that resulted in this strange, unlikely, but obviously inevitable (else you would not be here) present moment. Hence, may this inevitable present moment, and every moment henceforth, help us stumble a bit Closer to Truth, together. This is not a place of pontification. We are inquiring together. The writer is not dictating, preaching, teaching, or convincing; but rather inquiring through the affordances of this writing and curation space. Please participate, if you can. Every line of inquiry improves our experience and deepens our understanding.

Through exploring the Primacy of Projection and Paradox, we'll share some frivolity, some work, some humor, and some ego-mortifying realizations on the way to testing the helpfulness of our framing of conscious, of human, perceptual experience -- life -- for the purpose of encouraging the reduction of suffering and flourishing of our own true selves, whatever the heck that might come to mean, possibly just fun with my own personal journey and recovery (hopefully) from Schizotypal Histrionic Narcissistic Borderline Personality Disorder, etc.

Regardless of, or because of all that, our interpretation of today's fashionable, commercialized, spiritual journey of psychobabble is that the only way out is through, regardless of the nature of the paths that have led us to this moment. We are all experiencing this pandemic qualia-shift together, right here, right now; even if you are reading this years after this trail of bread crumbs was left behind.

In Jeffrey Martin's theories of persistent non-symbolic experience (PNSE), he refers to perceptual states as locations or nodes, rather than levels; and we favor that framework here. Levels imply hierarchy, and in the journey of conscious experience, a simple, vertical, ladder to the stars, or stairway to heaven, doesn't seem as helpful as more contemporary understandings of human conscious, including experiences that have only been discovered and experienced in the age of the internet. Neural nets. Distributed ledgers. Quantum computation. Collective and peer-to-peer digital telepathy.

Simultaneously, if universally indigenous and ancient principles of "as above, so below," accurately express fundamental principles in the language of the eras in which those frameworks emerged, and if the material world is as a "screen" of consciousness as taught by introspective explorers as recent as Krishnamurti, and if there is a continuity and reproducibility to all of these experiences; one that is consistent with all the laws of mathematics and physics; then, from our point of view, it makes sense that we are, so long as we are conscious, ever in the midst of a knowable flow of understanding and experience that both led up to this very precise present moment, and is very precisely precipitating the moments that immediately and inevitably folllow. We can learn what it means to Be, Hear, Naʻau.

If that's saying too little with too much, e kala mai, please forgive; feel free to skip the rest of this storyline and check out the content; or, maybe we can take a break and bring the curiosity that led you this far into the text, into more practical terms.

How did this space get started? What is this, and where did it come from?

BOTS is a long-evolving project, with a subsequently random mutating genealogy. The name of this space is christened in gratitude to my nephews for the nickname Uncle Nobody, (in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi ʻanakala ʻAʻohe Mea). Previously known as TurtleTrekkin, that was an experiment which died and became DyingWordsDaily, which in turn revealed a deeper reflection upon the inexplicable nature of our ephemeral, embodied, mortal lives, inspired by the likes of Ernest Becker's The Denial Of Death.

Parallel to this evolutionary path runs a conventional wisdom that, nobody knows what the heck reality is made of, anyway, let alone what is the nature of reality itself, right? So, it occurred to us, if this is the case, then why not head out in search of this nobody, this ʻAʻohe Mea, who seems to simultaneously know so much about everything and yet nothing at all?

Nobody really knows much of anything when it comes to the fundamental mystery of consciousness and life; and even if somebody did, it's often presumed that nobody would much care, much less be able to do anything helpful about alleviating any of the world's worst woes, right? So, it occurred to us, that if this so-called linguistic nobody, who somehow ironically knows, cares, who does the right thing even when nobody is looking; if this nobody is both so feeble and paradoxically capable at the same time, doesn't that sound like somebody of interest? Somebody worth trying to get to know about? Somebody worth maybe, eventually, striving to emulate? Hence the adage:

If nobody cares, then be nobody.

And thus emerged these pages of Uncle Nobody's Dying Words Daily Metavalent Stigmergy Rants on Tangents Book of True Self (BoTS). 

What? More evasive psychobabble?! "How did I ever get drawn into reading this far without getting to any point whatsoever?" one may ask. And one answer is, "What is the point of a proteus, of an orchid?"

Don't worry, we'll get to a glossary of each of those terms, soon enough, for the sake of those who are interested in finding out just how deep this particular time-and-attention-hijacking internet rabbit hole goes.

The difference between us and commercial spirituality, or consciousness-raising as a social tool, is this: our goal is to facilitate a direct way out, by working through whatever seems to be the difficulty blocking us from experiencing the most authentic version of our individual and collective true selves. Yes, yes, we'll unpack the loaded term "true self," itself, soon enough.

BoTS aspires to not just curate and create valuable content that amuses, informs, educates, provokes, inspires, and illuminates the path toward the liberation of all sentient beings from the endless cycle of of suffering that epitomizes life on Earth; BoTS also aspires to cultivate a writing and artistic community for creation and contemplation of complex, comprehensive, coherent conceits, curated and configured to contradict, conflict, confound, confuse, and contest conventional contraindicated consensus cognitive convention. That is, to cuestión más. To question more and to question the concept of more, as competently, calmly, courteously, concisely, completely as we are able, with continuously colorful cautious courage of conviction in the case that we could, in any or all cases, be categorically and catastrophically mistaken. One tiny caveat: because BoTS is an artistic outlet and expression born of full-throttle self-loathing, white-fragile narcissism, any healing to takes place is clearly and only, completely, all about me, me, me, right? But, if a little bit of benefit of such a pathologically selfish process trickles down to you everyday spiritual peasants, well, that's okay too, right.
Are we conveying a very difficult to convey tone here, yet? A bit of a snarky jab at the all too prevalent practice of spiritual narcissism, the kind that ends up with preachers sleeping with parishioners in the pews, so-called gurus enlightening their personal harems, and goddesses collecting boy toy soldier collections. Maybe we miss the mark. That's okay, too. The thin line between discernment, differentiation, and judgment it's very difficult to delineate at times. The flow of all consciousness is a river, and rivers are profoundly beautiful, mysterious, and sometimes pretty gross, and stagnant in places. Thus is this space.

BoTS believe that we are not atomic, isolated, solid particles bouncing off of one another like billiard balls. We are aggregates and intersections of energies, frequencies, fields, streams, and systems of causes and conditions more ancient than days. We are complex, interdependent, distributed, yet deeply and tightly integrated identities.

E pluribus unum. Many AND one at the same time. Remember that thing about Projection and Paradox. This here is a hint to that there.
Through the eyes of the BoTS, it appears all things that appear as external phenomena are, in essence and in fact, the projection of internal consciousness. The BoTS follows this work in progress with infinite curiosity and interest.

The BoTS theorizes that, if consciousness gives rise to the material realm, then conversations could be the mechanism of action for creation itself. This implies, potentially, that unity consciousness has to be several, by its very nature.

BoTS it's just a vehicle to explore these realms, not necessarily by constantly engaging in this, that, and the other activity. There is a time when the way to make the best and fastest progress is to simply stop. Be. Hear. Naʻau.

"A mind that demands experience is really living in the past, and therefore can never possibly understand something totally new, original. So there must be freedom from that urge for experience. Do you understand? You know this is going to be tremendously arduous, to go into this kind of meditation, because we all want rather easy, comfortable, happy, you know, an easy going life. And so when something difficult, which demands your attention, your energy, you say, “Well that is not for me, I’ll go another way" (Jiddu Krishnamurti).

A few more wild conjectures and unfounded theories, to get the party started:

Perhaps the best thing I can do with this body-mind is ...
  • Hold Space with SERENITY
  • Remove Obstacles with KINDNESS
  • Listen Deeply with UNDERSTANDING
  • See Clearly with COMPASSION
  • But none of this airy fairy rainbow pony unicorn poop is even close to possible without deeply and fully acknowledging and sitting with all of my greatest ANXIETY and deepest DENIAL.
  • Life is not a fashion show. It's not a beauty or popularity contest. It's about learning how to die with something that approximates authentic meaning and dignity, right in the midst of a realm that often appears entirely devoid of either.
___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
DO GO GENTLY Into That Good Night
Do Not Rage, Rage, there's
No Dying Of The Light
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