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is creating A Book of True Self: Just Be Pono; Naʻau or Never

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About Michael Silverton

Why is this work published on Patreon instead of Facebook or other "more accessible" platforms? Because, in the words of the incomparable Shoshana Zuboff, in The Social Dilemma "They have no right to my face or yours."

I'd add, "they have no right to monetize my free creative content, or yours; they have no right to strip-mine the data captured in the free expression and enjoyment of our most intimate lives; connections and conversations with friends, family members, religious, political, and business relationships."

In recognizing The Social Dilemma of the first quarter of the 21st century, BoTS is equal parts intimate Artist's Journal, Curation, Context, Content, and Creativity, in order to help cultivate a mentally and emotionally healthier Global Brain and a flourishing, humane, Post-Automation Era.

The BoTS theorizes that, if consciousness gives rise to the material realm, then conversations could be the mechanism of action for creation itself. This implies, potentially, that unity consciousness has to be several, by its very nature; and a bunch of other stuff that I had to delete because this was way too long.

BoTS it's also a vehicle to explore logical, physical, biological, digital, and non-symbolic realms, not necessarily by constantly engaging in this, that, and the other particular activity. There is a time when the way to make the best and fastest progress is to simply stop all frenetic activity and simply be. Be. Hear. Naʻau.

"A mind that demands experience is really living in the past, and therefore can never possibly understand something totally new, original. So there must be freedom from that urge for experience. Do you understand? You know this is going to be tremendously arduous, to go into this kind of meditation, because we all want rather easy, comfortable, happy, you know, an easy going life. And so when something difficult, which demands your attention, your energy, you say, “Well that is not for me, I’ll go another way" (Jiddu Krishnamurti).

So, perhaps some the best things I can attempt (and inevitably fail) to do with this body-mind include:

  • Hold Space with SERENITY
  • Remove Obstacles with KINDNESS
  • Listen Deeply with UNDERSTANDING
  • See Clearly with COMPASSION
  • But none of this airy fairy rainbow pony unicorn poop is even close to possible without deeply and fully acknowledging and sitting with all of my greatest ANXIETY and deepest DENIAL.
  • Life is not a fashion show. It's not a beauty or popularity contest. It's about learning how to die with something that approximates authentic meaning and dignity, right in the midst of a realm that often appears entirely devoid of either.
___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
DO GO GENTLY Into That Good Night
Do Not Rage, Rage, there's
No Dying Of The Light
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