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Join us in The Luminary Brain Trust

The Luminary Brain Trust is a brave space where we
  • Unpack our experiences without random internet jerks swerving in to attack and derail us in the comments
  • Hold space for each other as we navigate challenges
  • Hold ourselves accountable in our initiatives, failures, and wins
  • Connect with like-minded leaders
  • Experiment & play with new projects, topics, and articles
  • Expand on Raising Luminaries podcast discussions

Our community is currently hosted on a private Facebook group, and will be migrating to a portal on the Raising Luminaries website before 2023.


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Spend less time on redundant research and more time smashing the kyriarchy.

I tend to freak out when you support BFL at this above-and-beyond level. I tell all my friends about you.

Have a clear conscience when you repackage, find inspiration, and spin off the stuff you learn from my work in your personal blog and career assignments.


Join us in The Luminary Brain Trust. If you can't find what you're looking for in our existing library of content, send me private requests for advice or book lists via patreon private message.



About Raising Luminaries


You need help discussing hard topics with kids.

Implicit (unconscious) bias starts in infancy - so we've got to fight bigotry from the beginning.

If you're nervous about messing up or wondering how to get started - I've got tools to help! It can be simple (and even fun) with age-appropriate resources.

What does Raising Luminaries do?

Raising Luminaries (RL) is a community of dedicated parents, teachers, librarians, and anyone committed to guiding the next generation of kind and brilliant little leaders.
All of our supporters and readers collaborate as team. But currently, it's just me (Ashia R.) researching, analyzing, writing, and orchestrating a whole bunch of stuff, such as:

  • Listening to the challenges facing marginalized families so those who have been overlooked and erased from the dominant narrative can feel heard.
  • Collaborating with #OwnVoices activists, kidlit makers, and educators to create age-appropriate action steps for young activists.
  • Guiding parents and educators who are just getting started talking about inequality so we have the tools we need to counter implicit bias from infancy.
  • Connecting a community of like-minded progressive do-gooders in the Luminary Brain Trust group, providing guided conversations & space to counter burn-out, overwhelm, and find support.
  • Partnering with like-minded child-centered organizations to rally support for grassroots organizations.
  • Boosting multiply marginalized activists, makers in the indie kidlit community, and urgent calls to action.
  • Creating family action toolkits to counter bias and harmful lessons in popular education with the Student Ignition Society.
  • Writing articles and guides to help grown-ups tackle tough conversations with kids.
  • Analyzing, naming, and helping you identify problematic tropes in children's literature that subtly reinforce supremacy to raise critical-thinkers.
  • Publishing easy-to-access book collections to get fragile folks get started dismantling their bias and privilege.
  • Supporting organizations that help targeted groups (I shift a chunk of my personal income to financial contributions as a part of our accountability procedure)
  • Maintaining accountability so folks can feel safe in our digital spaces.
  • Organize local community justice groups, mostly so I can learn about how it works and share that with you.
  • Researching books, constantly - SO MANY BOOKS - to find the perfect introductory step to bigger action.
  • Moderating multiple digital online spaces to give families accessible ways to use our content.
  • Experimenting, conducting, orchestrating, and messing with with an ever-evolving set of projects, such as anti-capitalist gift economies, environmental action, community organizing, and different types of content to learn which stuff helps us raise kind and brilliant kidlets.
  • Also other stuff. 

It's all for you! All of this is easy and accessible so you can focus on other things, like what to make for dinner tonight.

The world is a scary place, but the world has ALWAYS been a scary place. NOW we know how to turn that fear into good change.

Thanks to our Patreon supporters, we've grown from a small Facebook community, created a searchable website filled with accessible articles and booklists, and expanded to collaborative projects such as educator guides and family action plans.

My goal is to provide instantly accessible, helpful resources accessible to folks who are least likely to receive support like this.

We’re gonna change the world!

As a multiracial autistic mother, I've been told that the work I do is worthless - that I'm not enough, my work isn't enough - to sit down and stay quiet. But after hearing from families saying these tools changed the way they parent, I've realized the long hours of thought, writing, and connecting with families is valuable. These conversations are vital to raise this upcoming generation of luminaries.

So this is just the beginning and we have far to go. I need to make RL self-sustaining for this to work. I need your help.

Let’s collaborate.

Our resources helps you raise world-contributing luminaries. They should be available for free, for everyone.

But ugh, capitalism. I can't support you if I can't support my family. Orchestrating all this requires about 50 hours a week in labor, plus childcare, plus hosting and tech fees. Also coffee.

Grassroots patron support is the most ethical way to keep RL providing resources that cater to families, not corporations. Despite what the kyriarchy tells me - my labor as a woman of color and a disabled person is valuable and my work is, too.

If you'd like to keep RL running, you can contribute whatever you want, either one-time or as recurring monthly support. So anything, from $500 to $1/month - reassures me that the work we’re doing matters and we should keep going.

If you can afford a small pizza, or to go to the movies, you can afford $15 month to support this movement.

If patreon isn't your thing, you can make a one-time contribution on venmo at @Raising-Luminaries

Friends - thank you for your support, thank you for joining the movement to raise brilliant & kind luminaries, and thank you for helping families like ours feel less alone. We’re making big changes and we’re gettin’ LOUD with it.

- Ashia Ray

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What you get:

We'll have to discuss and put it to a vote - depending on what you'd like the most and what I can afford to create.

Options include:
  • Reinstate the monthly newsletter
  • Hiring someone to handle transcription & accessibility so I can create more videos or start a podcast.

What you make possible:

This goal covers 50% minimum wage for my labor, which I'll put toward our grocery bills and housing my family.

Reaching this goal will give me permission to tell people who ask me to work for free to bug off. I will have proof that my labor and time is worth more than $6/hour. So that will be freeing.

This means I can spend more time on BFL!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts

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