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About Bookwyrms & Catdragons

Hi! We're Bookwyrms & Catdragons

We're a group of friends who play D&D together, and we're planning to launch our podcast and actual play campaign on January 3, 2021!

"Who are you?"
  • Kelly: your friendly neighborhood DM for our current campaign, Arcadia Academy; cat worshipper and book affectionado
  • David: adventure mastermind, the DM from the backscreen, the "pun"isher
  • Betty: the voice of reason, the RP queen, matriarch with a heavy hand
  • Cecil: the ace up your sleeve that you didn't know you had; also the Bob Ross of D&D
  • Kaleb: sweet summer child; fan of critical hits, critical thinking, and good puns
  • Logan: fearless but empathic adventurer with a dash of stoicism
  • Nick: never in character, he IS the character; human soundboard, group tactician, socialite
  • Rosie: our resident catdragon, also featured in our logo!

"What's the podcast?"
  • actual play episodes posted weekly
  • additional monthly interviews with fellow members of the RPG community OR
    • additional monthly discussion on other uses for D&D (ex. mental health, therapy)
    • topics will alternate, and suggestions are welcome!

"What's the current campaign?"

  • Arcadia Academy is a modern day 5e campaign loosely inspired by The Magicians (Syfy TV series). It features a group of Magicians at a school known for Battle Magic. But not everything is what it seems, and remember: great magic requires sacrifice.

"Where's my money going?"
Your contributions will allow us to:
  • continue to create content for you to enjoy
  • support other artists (ex. purchase of battle maps, commission artwork, etc.)
  • upgrade our audio equipment as needed
  • pay for website/domain hosting
Your support will also allow us to take on exciting new projects, such as:
  • ordering fun swag for Patrons at all tier levels
  • commissioning artwork for the world of Arcadia Academy (our current campaign)
  • running future campaigns
  • publishing D&D campaign adventures
  • and more!

For information, please check out our website at

We're so excited to have you here on this journey on us!

Much love and best wishes,
-The Bookwyrms & Catdragons team

ARTWORK CREDIT: Podcast logo and Patreon tier icons were created specifically for Bookwyrms & Catdragons by Jade Carabolante and may NOT be used without permission from Bookwyrms & Catdragons.
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Get to know us! (part 1)
  • Party members will schedule a LIVE GROUP VIDEO AMA!
    • We will interview each other and answer questions from Patrons
  • Ask us ANYTHING!
  • We will invite random Patrons to join us!
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