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About Boo Makes Things

Who am I?
I’m Becky (“Boo”), a Maths graduate and avid geek. I craft a lot of things, play a lot of games, and get enthused about a whole bunch of stuff.

What do I do?
I make all kinds of things. Mostly, this involves crocheting adorable blob parodies of my favourite franchises and posting photos of them on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

Why do I want your support?
Making cute things takes a lot of time and doesn’t by itself pay the bills. While I make some money from selling the physical products, I would like to spend more time and money on things like digital content, which requires a decent camera for starters.

Making new products is much more satisfying than remaking the same things over and over again to replenish stock, both for myself and for my followers. However, it takes a lot more time (as I create the patterns myself) and is more financially risky. Relieving a small amount of the pressure there would give me more room to explore my creative potential. I want to keep doing this for as long as possible.

On top of all that, knowing that people like my work and want to support me is an *excellent* motivator!

How does it work?
The Patreon is set up on a pay per month basis so whatever tier you pick that’s the maximum you’ll pay for the whole month. Rewards start with access to exclusive Patreon-only content and go all the way up to a personal Skype chat with me where I can express my gratitude and talk everything crochet, or whatever you want! Middle tiers also include random surprise handmade items delivered to your door every month so it’s like having 12 birthdays a year!

What is Patreon?

Patreon is like an ongoing kickstarter. You can choose to contribute a set monthly amount and in return for supporting me in my craft I will send you exclusive content and even surprise handmade items every month.

Who is a patron?
You are! I would not be able to continue making things like I do without the consistent support of people like you. Anything you contribute is extremely gratefully received and used to purchase materials and cover costs so that I can keep making awesome things.

How do I get my item(s)?
All you need to do is pick the reward tier that corresponds to the type of item you want. Unfortunately this isn't currently offered if you are outside of the UK due to increased shipping costs. You will be prompted for your shipping address when you become a patron and then each month you will be sent your item(s)!
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Attending conventions is great. I get to meet you lovely people, you get to hold my creations rather than seeing them on a computer screen, and I get increased exposure and the chance for sales. However, booking tables at conventions can cost anywhere from £5 to £400 (or even more), and many conventions sell out of trader tables months in advance. Achieving this goal would give me the financial comfort to book tables at conventions before they sell out, and attend an aimed average of one convention a month as Boo Makes Things. 

I've mostly been attending small conventions in the North East, but I would love to branch out and go to larger conventions all over the UK and maybe attend one or two abroad.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts