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About Booom313's Support Corner

Welcome to my support page!

My name is booom313, i'm a Cyber security specialist from holland.

And in my freetime i like to help people out.

I'm best known for porting games to android, but i also help new/current devs with coding, I mod games 2 and try to help anyone i can!

This patreon exists because fans of my work have asked for a way to donate to me,
We had a vote in the discord and this is the result !

So i hope you're up for a ride because this will be a wild one.

Current projects i'm helping on:

Zero G academy - Noce & Windward (porting & coding help)

Lyla's curse - Voodoo Monkey (porting)

A town uncovered - GeeSeki (porting)

Long live the princess - Belle (porting)

Witch trainer silver - Mo (porting & coding help)

Freeloading Family - FFcreations (porting)

Waifu Academy - Irphaeus (porting)

My little angel - feodosiy (porting)

Dark Neighborhood - psychodelusional (porting)

Witch trainer silver - silver studio games (porting)

Haley's story - Viitgames (porting)

Intimate relations - Ptolemy (porting)

Alexandra - Ptolemy (porting)

Life with mary - LikesBlondes (porting)

Ecchi sensei - Bluecat (Main programmer)

If you've any questions for me or need help with something come join the discord!


Have a lovely day,


$32.37 of $100 per month
Thank you all so much!

( Idk yet what i'll do, will be edited in the future )
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