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Enough to get me a coffee that will refill my energy meter just enough for 5 random sketch requests per month. You'll also get WIPs and Advance previews of everything I work on!

Line Lovers
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A coffee and a donut have now been added to my energy meter, which helps me to create black and white lined art for a random Patreon backer's request every month!

Coloured Squares
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I can now buy a whole breakfast thanks to you, which will help me actually colour in my work for a random backer's request every month. You also get discount codes for my website from here up!

Overly Detailed Heart Eyes
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Extra time for shading unlocked. One random backer will get a fully completed request each month on top of advanced viewing of speed paints and process.
Physical Beings
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Surprise! I make physical copies of things and not only will you get a discount code for my store, but one random backer will get a fully completed request that is printed and mailed out to them in physical copy. 




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About boredlydoodling

Hello! I'm a University student working to create a career out of the art I love to make. I want to share what I make with the world. Patreon will help me get closer to that goal through the support of my fans. By supporting my Patreon, you will gain insight and special rewards each month, as well as help me spend more time on my art.
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Working on saving up for a trip overseas that will greatly help my art. All the time I am fascinated by the things I see online, so I thought now I would finally go see as much of that stuff and those people as I can in person, so this money would help greatly.
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