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About Boris Glumpler


I'm Boris. I've been travelling for most of my adult life. That usually involved a lot of horrible bus and train journeys and the occasional flights which were somehow always worse.

A while back, when I was in Cambodia, things did not exactly look rosy for me. I was pretty broke at the time and my only source of income, my laptop, had just been stolen so I’d decided to go home to Germany for a while to lick my wounds. My first thought was to actually walk back home cause it would've been cheaper on a day to day basis, but that would've been silly. I mean, who does that? 

I kept thinking about it though, and when I eventually made it home (I flew, btw) I started planning a much more realistic hike and came up with this:

  • Start walking in Munich end of September 2020
  • Somehow end up in Kathmandu roughly two years and 16,000 km later

If you would like to follow my progress or find out more about me and my trip then you can do so on my website:  Boris Travelled Today

While I would already greatly appreciate your support, please keep in mind that any benefits can only be redeemed once I actually start walking.

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