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Junior Space Ranger

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So you think you're ready for space, huh?  You know it takes a lot of training to help aboard a spaceship.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Let's go push all the buttons in the cockpit!
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Space Ranger

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Cool, so you know your way around space already.  That's great news, because I think we're lost.  I used to have a map of this star cluster but I think I may have used it to wipe up a spill.  Let's just point this ship at something bright.
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Space Captain

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Here, take my seat, you can steer now.  I didn't know what I was doing anyways I just press all the buttons that aren't lit up while I make lasers noises in my mind.  It's actually pretty amazing we've never crashed worse than we have.
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About borninspace

Space fuel prices are ridiculous these days, and I need your help paying for it.  Plus I keep melting my sunglasses staring at stars whenever we pass them.  Granted I only wear cheap sunglasses bought from gas stations, but they still add up.

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