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About Ivy Sheppard

Preserving and sharing the country music of our American past is the most important thing in my life.

I collect and document old records and field recordings and put them on the radio.  "Born In The Mountain" is a two-hour exploration of bluegrass and old-time music from the foothills of the Blue Ridge and beyond, and "An Old Revival Meeting" is an hour of good ol' gospel you're not likely to to hear anywhere else.

These shows are produced largely from my personal record collection, and I'm constantly searching to add new content. Currently I have shows on WBCM Radio Bristol, WAMU Bluegrass Country, WEHC, WCOM, and am working to add more stations.  In addition, I'm creating an online archive of out-of-print recordings and field recordings so that a future generation may have the chance to hear this great music.

I'm also in the process of digitizing reel to reel tapes from the 1973 Galax Fiddlers Convention featuring music of legendary old-time musicians. These recordings would be forever lost without this work.  This project is largely a labor of love and requires an enormous commitment of time.

Here's a copy of a 1939-40 transcription of the Carter Family from Border Radio that I recently acquired. As far as I can tell it's never been reissued. Take a listen to it now. 

I'm immensely grateful to the folks who have contributed with encouragement, new recordings, and financial gifts.  It is not possible to sustain this endeavor without your support. In order to build the online archive I depend on your continued help. You can donate in many forms: let your friends know about the radio shows, subscribe to the podcast, tell me about music I need to hear, make financial donations... I need you to help me continue creating unique content for multiple radio stations and keep on providing you with high quality digital transfers of archived music. Together we can keep this amazing music alive and vibrant!

Ivy S. Sheppard
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When I reach $500 per month, I'll start a monthly live interactive podcast where patrons can put in requests and be part of the conversation about this wonderful old music. 
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