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Join as a SUBSCRIBER to our new digital publication BOOST Design Dispatch for only $1/month! We'll be launching our first edition in January 2020.  At this level, you'll receive: 

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Join our BOOST Design community as a FOUNDING MEMBER! You'll receive: 

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About Born Just Right

Hi! We're Born Just Right

We build creative solutions that help kids with differences live a more enjoyable life through inclusive design and STEM learning. This includes our BOOST workshop, where kids with physical disabilities work with designers and engineers to prototype their custom boosted self through a create-and-build-your-own-prosthetic workshop! 

Our participants have gone on to present their work at the White House National Week of Making (2015), give TEDx talks, and be featured in Marvel's Hero Project. Three of our projects are currently on display at museums nationwide. There's no denying that the world wants to see what these kids are capable of. 

We believe that designing and making hold an incredible power to change our world. The way you relate to the world around you and how you image yourself shifts completely when you're looking through the lens of design and inclusion. 

We introduce kids with disabilities to technology and design so that they have the tools and confidence to:
  • celebrate the bodies that they're in and embrace their differences
  • prototype their own solutions
  • explore their capabilities, and
  • create the world they want to be living in

We are working to launch a new monthly digital publication -- the BOOST Design Dispatch -- plus share weekly Design Mentor Monday engagements online and more! Your support helps us to share our work with more kids living with disabilities and to amplify the impact that they are having. Help us design the future together by ensuring kids with physical disabilities are empowered to imagine what's possible for themselves and the world around them.
$4.21 of $7,500 per month
We run Born Just Right because we believe inclusive design will make the world better by ensuring everyone participates in designing the future. 

However, as a mostly volunteer organization, we're limited in what we can fund. Our BOOST workshops remain free for all participants and their families -- and our design mentors and team have devoted their time and talent to make Born Just Right a reality! But, we want to do more! And with YOUR help, we can fund more workshops and reach even more kids! Additionally, we would like to launch the BOOST Design Dispatch - a monthly digital publication with articles, design challenges and profiles of our mentors and kid innovators.

Imagine the impact we can have together! 

Once we reach a goal of $500/month, we can launch our monthly publication.

Once we reach a goal of $7500/month, our programing director, Kate Ganim, can dedicate herself to BJR fully - which would exponentially increase our impact. We've got big plans for when we get there: more workshops, more speaking engagements for our youth, a quarterly publication to share and challenge perspectives - and that's just the start. Thanks for your support!
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