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is creating a Len Bias Documentary called: Born Ready: A Mixed Legacy

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Help Support a New Documentary About Len Bias
& Help Youth Learn Life Skills 
Len Bias was Born Ready to be a great basketball player. He was strong, a great leaper, a pure shooter, a relentless competitor, a tenacious player. He drew credible comparisons to Michael Jordan. 

But Len was not Born Ready to control other aspects of his life. As a result, his legacy is one of great expectations never achieved because he made one very poor decision that cost his life. Bias died at the age of 22 due to complications of a cocaine overdose two days after the NBA champion Boston Celtics made him the number 2 pick in the NBA draft on June 19, 1986. 

Len's death disrupted lives and saved lives, prompted changes in federal drug sentencing laws that helped create overcrowded prisons in the United States, and forever changed the perception of cocaine. It is one of the more significant sports stories of the last half century. 

GoGrady Media is capturing the story of Bias in a new documentary called Born Ready: A Mixed Legacy. It's based on my book, Born Ready: the Mixed Legacy of Len Bias.  Similar to the book, the documentary will capture Len’s complex and mixed legacy and will humanize his story. With your support, we can present in a dynamic medium the Bias story in a way that has never been told before. 

The documentary is part of the 34+1 campaign and the Born Ready Project, a continuous effort to promote effective decision making for teenagers and young adults.

Why should you be interested in supporting this documentary? Because you:
  • have a chance to help tell a story that is unlike any other in recent sports history.
  • can help educate a generation of young people who know of Len Bias but don't know about Len Bias.
  • can help teenagers and young adults learn how easy it is to lose everything you worked for because of poor decision making. 
  • can help all people understand the importance of living up to expectations and fulfilling dreams.

Your life is shaped by the choices you make. Choose now to make a difference in lives of teenagers and young adults.  

Dave Ungrady
President, GoGrady Media
Author - Born Ready: A Mixed Legacy of Len Bias 
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