bosArt is creating eComics, artWork

Bronze Class

$3 /mo
  • "Polaroid" teaser pics
  • old ePortfolios, extended setcards, webcomics and eComics not available elsewhere anymore
  • sample pages and other content in preview quality taken f...

Silver Class

$6 /mo
  • WIP previews of upcoming eComics & Concept Art 
  • older full bosArt or fantomaZ-eComics
  • content taken from already released eComics or other artWork adapted or rearranged for Patreon

Gold Class

$12 /mo
  • serial eComic-strips (Patreon exclusive or pre-release versions of content created for 
  • selected full eComics and artWork either Patreon exclusive or recently released ...

VIP Lounge

$24 /mo
  • Patreon exclusive full eComics, eMagazines or anthologies of short eComics or eComic-strips
  • Patreon exclusive experimental projects (animations, videos, interactive "gamey" featur...