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To Whom it May Concern;

If you have found yourself on my page, you're on the path to a better life. Once with bursts of laughter, cringing faces, and possibly a few tears. If you like what you've seen so far, you'll probably get even more joy out of my Patron-Only posts. Bloopers, skits, podcasts, advice columns, blog articles, shuffle videos... who knows what else! Alls I know is it's gonna be juicy, rich content or my name isn't BOSSKATIE. So join now to lock in your membership before prices go UP! But hey, don't be afraid to contribute more than $1 if you like what you see ;)

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About Katie Shay aka @bosskatie

Calling all Light Workers, Rainbow Warriors, Indigo Children, Spiritual Leaders, Festival Fans, Earth Angels, Hippies and Others!!! For those of you who believe that we can create a new world, this channel is for YOU.
My name is Katie Shay and I have been placed on Earth for a very specific mission: to lead humanity into the Golden Age by raising our frequency through the understanding and teaching of Universal Truth. How do I know this is my fate? Direct communication with Source and deep understanding of self. I have transformed my life through a series of techniques to discover who I am, what I am passionate about, and what my role is in this lifetime. I am here to share my story and my journey through a video series I have been compiling for 2 years. I am exposing myself to the world... raw, real, reality. No matter how slow my following builds, I will continue to grow. One day I will be as famous as Lady Gaga. ;) 

Pause Netflix and turn on Reality w/ Bosskatie. You won't be sorry.
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It is my dream to become a full time social media content creator so that I can build a following and feature people like YOU on my channel! I meet so many awesome people doing amazing things that just need a little exposure to grow. My goal is to showcase other creative inspirational people on my channel so that we can all grow and reinvent the world of entertainment. Support my channel and let’s all grow together.
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