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About Marcel Pociot

BotMan is a PHP library that makes the task of building cross-platform chat bots fun and easy, while still being powerful.
The project currently has support for seven messaging services out of the box and allows developers to write their own messaging service drivers, if they want. It is built around the idea that the task of developing chat bots for multiple services should not be painful.
Because each messaging service has it's own API it is a very time consuming task to write a chat bot for multiple platforms.

BotMan gives the developer a unified API that is approachable and very flexible.
BotMan can be extended by using custom drivers or so-called "middleware" classes, that can intercept and modify incoming messaging service requests as well as outgoing messages, providing a maximum flexibility.

The services included out of the box are:
- Slack
- Telegram
- Microsoft Bot Framework
- Nexmo
- HipChat
- Facebook Messenger
- WeChat
- Cisco Spark
- Kik
- Discord

Maintaining the existing drivers and developing new features for all available drivers takes a considerable amount of time, and I would love to have some financial freedom to spend more time with BotMan - if not even full-time!

If you are building a chat bot with BotMan for your business, sponsoring BotMan development will ensure that the project stays healthy and actively maintained. It might also help your business to establish reputation within the BotMan community and help you find developers that already have knowledge in using BotMan.

Of course - if you are using BotMan for side-projects you are also more than welcome to make a recurring pledge if it helped you in your projects! :)
$9.27 of $4,000 per month
If I can reach this goal, I will be able to dedicate half of my working time to BotMan.
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