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Hello, and welcome to the Patreon page of BOTTLECAP GIRL!


BOTTLECAP GIRL is a multimedia project following the adventures of a fictional band of the same name. Read about the group, and their escapades in their pursuit to find their way as a band - while trying to overcome the one thing getting in their way: High School.

What You Get

The BOTTLECAP GIRL comic is released for free every month on; however, by subscribing here, you get instant access to higher quality exports of every issue released - in both English and Japanese - along with exports of Promotional Art, Logos, Motion Graphics, and more! Even get access to the original files!

You will also get access to original music by BOTTLECAP GIRL - including: Early Access to Songs, Tabs/Sheet Music, How-to-Play Videos, and more - including the original recording session files and separate instrument tracks!

Along with this, I will also be making Behind-the-Scenes videos highlighting my creation process, equipment, and more! I'll also be streaming portions of the process on (and maybe even some games, as well!)

Why Patreon?

I've been working on this project with some help from my friends for almost a year now - putting everything I have into making it the best it can be. It truly is a dream of mine to create things that people can enjoy; whether it's art, music, videos - anything at all! That's why I release the comic for free every month in the first place. However, working on something that encompasses multiple facets of media takes a lot of time, especially when I'm doing most of it myself. Your support will directly help the production of BOTTLECAP GIRL, allowing me to create higher quality content, faster!

It also allows me to give you instant access to the BOTTLECAP GIRL Discord, where you can interact with me (since I'm almost always at my computer) and others! Make some friends and talk about your favorite games or music, post your art, or just hang out! 

One Last Thing...

Thank you! Whether you subscribe on Patreon, or just read the comic; it all helps! It's because of your support that I can continue to take this project to newer, and greater heights. Whatever you choose; I can't thank you enough showing your support, and allowing me to continue this silly passion project of mine!

- Aren

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to