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About Bottleflavor

My name is Daniel Jung and alongside two of my best friends (Chris Lee and Seung Oh), we post videos on to a small YouTube channel called “Bottleflavor”. Although our ultimate ambitions lie in making feature length films, I have decided to put a hiatus on attending film school to fully concentrate on delivering the most I can to our subscribers. On the other hand, Seung has set aside his degree in computer science to chase after this dream with me. (Although Chris offered to take a break from college, we convinced him to stay until once we are fully stable as a channel).

We are currently posting various short skits and occasional music videos, but our vision for the channel exceeds just that. We have plans laid out for multiple series such as:
- “Vlogumentary”, a documentary series capturing the process of starting a freelance business from scratch
- “The University” a mockumentary series based on the misadventures of university students
- “Bottleflavor Film School”, a series dedicated to teaching filmmaking to those who do not have the luxury of film school

However, bigger projects require bigger budgets, and we know for a fact that we are financially constrained (impending tuition loans, rent, camera gear, and the list just goes on and on). We have already accepted the cold reality that a career founded upon YouTube is extremely unstable. However, we are ready for failure, several failures, because we are also aware that our dreams are not of those that can be easily achieved.

Although we are resolved towards failing over and over again, your love and support would encourage us immensely and would make the process of getting back up on our feet a much easier task, expediting the progress in our journey. We will prove to you that all it takes to succeed on YouTube is hard work, determination, and the support of loyal fans.

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