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Tribe members agree with and support our principles and early intervention method of improving the mental health of the next generation. Members receive a signed copy of our 'How To Protect A Child's Mental Health' Book and help promote the cause.




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About Holistic Mental Health

'Holistic Mental Health' training reveals the simple secrets to raising mentally healthy and emotionally stable children

Current medical and nursing mental health training is based on a more holistic approach, which deals with the causes of mental confusion and dysfunctional behaviours rather than trying to counter the symptoms after they appear. (a bit like teaching people to swim rather than trying to rescue them when they are drowning)

We are self-funded and know as The Brain Health Education Institute - based in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia.
If you’ve always wanted to know the keys to raising a happier, healthier child who excels academically and you want to understand the things that are taught to psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, and behavioural counselors … then our easy, no jargon course, books or information sessions are for you! www.holisticmentalhealth.com.au
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Any financial support will go towards our accommodation expenses as we visit the drought-stricken regions of the Australian outback doing free community mental health resilience talks in library meeting rooms and Church halls. 
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