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Koozies and Stickers

$3 /mo
$3/month, we will mail you some stickers and a koozie! Share your love of Bourbon Pursuit by putting these stickers on your laptop, guitar cases, car doors, decanters, wherever! An...

Embroidered Patch and SWAG Drawings

$5 /mo
$5/month, you get an embroidered Bourbon Pursuit patch that you can put on a hat, messenger bag, or anywhere that you can iron-on or stitch. We are also going to hold a monthly dra...

Limited Edition T-Shirt + Bottle Tote bag

$10 /mo
$10/month, You get a limited offering t-shirt and bottle tote bag! The Tshirt is a high quality Next Level CVC in color SAND. The bottle tote has segemented compartments the can fi...

Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year

$50 /mo
$50/month, we will send you a sample of Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year Bourbon. Hey, I know this is a lot of money you could spend on other things, but we want to make sure you are given...

Be A Guest or Co-Host for an Episode

$96.75 /mo
Be A Guest or Co-Host for an Episode!  Ever wanted to live out your fantasy of being on Bourbon Pursuit? Here's your chance! It's your choice, be a co-host and help us interview someone or you can ...