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is creating Art - Fanart, Fantasy and Furry art; frequently erotic.
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Advanced viewings of personal doodles and sketches/WIPS of upcoming images. Rating can range from G-XXX.
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About Kev/Monan the Bovinian

I have been producing art since the late 90s, and as the years have gone on less of it has been for my own pleasure and more of it has been for (wonderfully generous) commissioners. However, I miss creating art for myself and expressing my thoughts & ideas, which I no longer have time for due to the aforementioned commissions (for which I am grateful for, don't get me wrong).

But I am hoping fans and supporters of me and my art will be open to the idea of supporting me in creating my own art and ideas. I won't give up commissions completely, I just don't want my art-job to be exclusively commission-based. All your support is appreciated!

Pledge Rewards $10+ are awarded after payment is confirmed.

Just a reminder that content will include varying degrees of sexual themes, but sometimes content will consist of doodles that aren't sexual at all.
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I will produce at least one full-coloured picture or b/w comic once a month (ranging from G-XXX) that will be available for patrons only. (Once they're a few months old, I can post them publicly, but there'll always be at least one patron-exclusive pic for you!)
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