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If you're interested in the behind-the-scenes and not so much in receiving any gifts from me, then this tier is the perfect way to show your support.

You'll have access to all my LIVE streams, "STORY" type-videos called "Lens", all my post updates and more.

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Not interested in the Kraft Kit or Life Book but want to support me as a maker? 

This tier is for you!

Having the funds to put toward new creations is a big part of the process and I appreciate each supporter that has no idea what I'll create, but the belief that I'll do something amazing with it. 

This is what fuels me to be a maker :)

As a thank you for your monthy subscription, you'll receive a new perspective key as a token of my appreciation for your constant support.




Hey guys! Welcome to my patron page :) Here is a space I've created to support recent projects by @boxofknots.

Patreon allows me to have direct contact with my Vibe Tribe and I’m really excited for all I have planned for us 😊

Right now I am offering The Life Book and the Kraft Kit as subscription based services. I feel that this is the best way for me to get the feedback I need to make these projects the best they possibly can be.


I’ve created a customized way to keep your life organized and your personal development on track.

Sign ups for the book are closed until December 1st but you can always subscribe as a Vibe Tribe member and be a “fly on the wall” during our classes.

My hope is to use the feedback on these projects to truly create a service that provides creative and emotional stimulation with the support of other Vibe Tribe members ✌🏼

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to seeing that these projects keep coming back each month 😊


Working with your hands is one of the best way to process thoughts on your mind. Being creative is the body's  natural way of cultivating self growth while also creative a natural dopamine your mind feeds off, especially if you're a busy mama like me. 

As my kids get older, i find that I have small pockets of time I could fill with doing the things that I truly love- like crafting. The only problem being that I didn't always have the materials on hand, so I would head out to Target to get the $10 of supplies I needed only to find myself $50 deep in the clearance rack without even making it to the craft-isle. (You probably know exactly what I'm talking about- right?)

This is when the idea for Kraft Kit was implanted and over the last year it has blossomed into something I'm so excited to work on. My focus will be to feature other makers on a monthly basis (or more depending on the interest).
Each month, you'll get a custom curated Kraft Kit box filled with everything you will need (minus scissors or hot glue - btw) as well as an invitation to join (or not) a group of other makers in a "Maker's Night-In" video call. If you choose to opt out, no worries...the call will be saved for later viewing.

You'll have the opportunity to get my feedback on your piece as you grow yourself as a maker. It's easy to be discouraged in the making process when you run into road bumps, but having access to other makers creates an opportunity for growth. 

Each supporter will receive a complementary Perspective Key as a. token of my appreciation for your support. 

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Thank you so much for your support in helping me reach my goals of being a full-time artist!
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