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is creating The Fancy Pants Adventures game series
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About Brad Borne

The Fancy Pants Adventures started as a small online game, and I've spent years learning animation, programming, drawing... everything that I can to make each game better than the last.  I've always been amazing by the response from players, and I hope I can eventually make a game as amazing as the fans deserve!

With your support, I plan to:

- Release the original games on mobile, for free, updated with the Super Fancy Pants Adventure engine.
- Port World 1 through 3 out of Flash to be playable free in browser, without the need for browser plugins.
- Release a brand new, original FPA game that's similar in scope to World 2 or 3 online and on mobile for free.
- Continue to suppose Super Fancy Pants Adventure with additional modes and levels.
- Work on Super Fancy Pants Adventure Ch. 2, picking up right where SFPA left off.

What else would you like to see?  Playable Cutie Pants?  Super FPA on additional platforms?  We can make it happen!

I'll be posting progress, animations, even early playable builds.

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