Brad Orego

Brad Orego

Creating modern dance, kombucha, beer, and design research content

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Access to the biweekly private updates from me so you can keep track of what I've been working on lately.

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    Monthly private coaching sessions from me. We can talk about entrepreneurship, product design, modern dance, homebrewing, psychology, or general life coaching, or even some of my past lives such as Capoeira, TaeKwon-Do, Computer Science, Spanish, Hockey.

    Sessions will be up to 1 hour and scheduling will be handled individually.

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      A live, in-person visit for you (your business, friends, etc) from me once a month. Like the monthly coaching session, we can talk about anything you have interest in.

      These usually take the form of workshops or presentations, of which product design and dance are popular options.

      As above, scheduling will be handled individually, and are subject to the rest of my life schedule (e.g. work, performances, personal engagements).




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        About Brad Orego

        Setting this up as a placeholder for future work, but if anyone wants to help fund the entrepreneurial, dance, or homebrewing things I do in the meantime, that would be neat.

        You can learn more about me here:
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        If I get up to $100/month I'll actually put some thought and time into this idea and where it could take us.
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