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per Comic Page
Thanks so much for the support! All patrons get:
  • Early Comic Access: See all new comic pages, a week before they're posted publically (and get access to all previous pages)
  • Request Streams: Once every month or two, I do streams where I sketch at the request of patrons' live suggestions and votes!
  • Discord: Access to Braeburned's patron discord!
Includes Discord benefits


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reward item
per Comic Page
  • Early Access To All Pics! See all new (and previous) comic pages, illustrations, commissions and request sketches one week before public release, in their original HD resolution, plus WIPs, flats, etc.
  • Voting +1! You'll get a vote in polls and input ideas for future comic scenes/plots, themed illustrations, etc! 
  • Request Streams
  • Discord
Includes Discord benefits


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reward item
per Comic Page
Everything from the previous tiers, plus:
  • Full Patron Pieces!  Every couple months, I do a fully rendered pic for one of my $6+ patrons! 
  • Voting +2! You now get two votes to use in patreon polls!

Includes Discord benefits



About Brae

Yo! Brae here!

TLDR: This is my patreon to help fund the creation of my adult comics, as well as illustrations and requests and commissions and more. This patreon is per comic page, not per month, so you'll only get charged when I actually deliver comic pages. I deliver 1-2 comic pages a month. Almost always 1, sometimes two, but never three. Keep this in mind when pledging! 

What do you make?
I make adult comics and illustrations! Usually gay cartoons, and usually furries. I've made a couple adult comics in the past couple years that I'm super proud of, and that I absolutely loved making. But I had to push those sorts of big projects to the side for a while, so I could focus on convention work, school work, and some big life changes. I've made this Patreon so that I could finally get back to creating more high-quality comics, stories, and illustrations.

What will I get in return?

Depending on your tier, there's lots of rewards you can get!

  • Every patron, even the $1 "Colt" tier, gets access to my patron-exclusive Discord, where all my patrons and I talk, share art, get input, post links to streams, etc etc! Every patron also gets early access to new comic pages, at least a week before they're posted publicly.  

  • The $3 "Horsey" Tier gives you everything on the tier below it, as well as early access to everything; comics pages (with WIPS), illustrations, sketches, etc, allin HQ! This tier also means you can vote in polls! Patreon polls will be used to pick what pictures will be illustrated next, picking what direction my comics take, and more! Pledging to this tier gives you 1 vote.

  • The $6 "Stallion" Tier gives you everything on the tiers below it, gives you 2 votes in polls instead of 1, and also lets you apply to my Full Patron Pieces! Every 1-2 months, one of my $6+ patrons gets a fully rendered piece. This tier makes you eligible for those!

  • The $10 "Clydesdale" Tier gets you everything on the tiers below it, gives you 2 votes in polls, and also makes you eligible for OC Sketch Requests! Every 1-2 months, I hold Request Streams where all of my patrons suggest and vote on things for me to draw live. For two of those sketches, I randomly choose an eligible patron's OC to draw for free, and then the chat suggests ideas and votes on how they'll be drawn. Those are the OC Sketch Requests, and this tier makes you eligible for those!  

  • The $15 "Great Big Horse Friend" Tier gives you everything on the tiers below it, gives you 3 votes in polls instead of 2, and also makes you eligible for Comic Cameos! In my comic projects, I'll occasionally have opportunities for original characters to appear as side characters. When that time comes, I'll pick patrons from this tier (either randomly, or by whatever characters fit the comic best) to be drawn into the comic!  

  • The $30 "SAMPSON" Tier gives you everything on the tiers below it, and is basically just for the people who really want to give above and beyond! Also, you get 4 votes instead of 3. 

Why Patreon?

For food and rent and student loans mostly! But honestly, I've been dying to create a place where I can consistently deliver quality content that I love to make to the people that love to see it, and I think Patreon is absolutely that place. Rest assured that no comics or illustrations will be exclusive or pay-walled; I'll still be posting ALL of my finished work publicly for free, except for stuff like progress shots and WIPs. This Patreon is to help me continue to do so, and to reward and engage with those who directly support my work! 

If you like how that sounds, please consider supporting me! Of course, if a one-time contribution is more your style, you can always make one at . Thank you all so much, and I'm so excited to see where this goes with all of you!

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