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About Brain Bitez Podcast

BRAIN BITEZ Podcast with Jeff LaFortune

The reason I started this project was my love of learning. Some people like killing time on facebook. Some enjoy the next big Candy Crush challenge. Me personally, I love looking up different topics and then telling everyone I came into contact with my findings. After some prodding from several friends I have chosen to start my own podcast. If the info gets a little dry I spice it up with my own fun and quirky humor.

Brain Bitez isn't just the a place to be entertained while you learn. It's also a growing gathering of people who love learning about our weird and amazing world as much as I do. Being a listener suggested and driven podcast I hope to quickly grow this little club into a thriving community in the future. 

There is a lot of room for growth and even greater dreams to be fulfilled for the Brain Bitez universe. Some future plans include: An app that fans and visitors can click on and get current updates about the show with fun links and activity driven pages. Build a store that provides entertaining and thought provoking products, and because we here at the Brain Bitez Bunker believe in helping our world, we want to eventually start a donation program that gives ten percent of all proceeds to a new charity for that month. While making sure to keep you listeners in the loop the whole time. 

We will post pics and provide news letters in the future. But before any of this can happen it all has to start with you. So thank you for your attention and donation. I promise it will be used to make this a bigger and better show and community.
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When we reach our first goal of $200 per month, then we will start producing some Brain Bitez merch for you biterz out there, like character stickers, window decals, and even mugs. 
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