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All Patrons on $1 or more will receive a special *orange* (like me!) Patron Discord role on the BrainGoodGames Discord:

You'll also be added to a pool of Patron names that can be rolled when a named character appears in a BrainGoodGame (say colonists in Solar Settlers)

All patrons also will be added to the credits section of every BrainGoodGame going forward!

Includes Discord benefits


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All Patrons on $5 or more receive access to all early BrainGoodGames prototypes as soon as they're playable! 

This also means that you can shape the games as they grow from the ground up (and when I can still make pretty dramatic changes).

You'll get a "cheesy in-game nod" of some kind (pending the design of each game) in each BrainGoodGame going forward!

Also, you're a boss. Thanks!

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You have a lot of disposable income! (Or you really love single-player strategy games!)

This is mostly a tier for people that want to give more! However...

All Patrons on $20 or more get all the above rewards and can have some riff on their username or real name (within reason!) added to a consistent (non-randomized) major element of each BrainGoodGame (Therlun's username inspired the Therlunai alien race in Solar Settlers!)

We can talk about what kind of entity in the game you want to represent you!

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About Brett Lowey

Hi there! My name is Brett Lowey and I make single-player strategy games like Solar Settlers, Minos Strategos and Militia.

I'm very interested in making games that feature elegant rules, with unique core mechanics that push those mechanics as far as I can take them. I value variety and interesting decisions and try to minimize calculation and opaque rules. You can read more about my philosophy for BrainGoodGame design in my BrainGoodGames Design Commandments.

All BrainGoodGames feature a single-player ladder system and procedurally generated content, so they don't "expire" in the same way most video games do. You can think of them as single-player analogues to multiplayer digital games like DotA or Hearthstone, or to modern designer board games.

You can check out some in-progress prototypes here if you're curious about where BrainGoodGames is headed next!

Anyway, I'm super excited to keep exploring what makes games fun to play from a decision-making perspective and becoming my Patreon helps me move towards that! (Also it's very flattering and encouraging :) )

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