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Welcome everyone, to a very special Patreon page….

Welcome to Brainstorm Brewery, the original and largest Magic finance podcast. Our goal is to demystify the financial part of the game, and we come at that approach with a diverse group of cast members who each bring their own area of expertise. Are you a Commander player who wants to know the right time to buy-in before the next wave of popularity? Jason Alt is here to tell you what’s what. If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of Standard or Modern, Corbin Hosler has own fingers in a whole bunch of cookie jars across the Magic content world, and we’re lucky to have him. If you’re interested in the world of Grands Prix vendors, DJ is going to drop some serious knowledge every week. Together, the trio has more than 20 years of finance experience. Of course, all of this hardcore learning comes with some less-than-serious joking around and debauchery every week to make sure you have at least one giggle or audible nose breath.

To help you make or save money in this rough world of trading cards, we’d appreciate your help in reaching our own goals. We want to provide you all with awesome content and product; Your Patreon support will go towards a variety of our costs, which include but are not limited to;

  • Paying our editor JJ
  • Server costs for
  • Paying artists to create new Tokens
  • Shipping out those tokens, playmats and other goodies
  • Funding giveaways for our listeners

The “What’s it worth to you?” question has long been dead in the #mtgfinance world, but here we need to ask it of you. How many times has this cast taken the bore out of your commute, or kept you entertained on a solo drive to a PTQ? How many times has one of our Breaking Bulk or Pick of the Week calls scored you enough money to buy a fridge for your significant other? If this cast is worth the price of your entertainment or investment costs, ask yourself “Hmm… how many dollars do I love each of these guys?” We sincerely appreciate any and all pledges, and want to continue creating the best Magic finance podcast in the community. 
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Corbin Hosler is a fish. He's got that weird smell, he flops around on dry land in an attempt to recreate physical activity, and he smashes in with scaly sea stuff in Modern. We want to help Corbin embrace his true calling, suit him up in a Merfolk cosplay, and take him down to the lake to go for a splash. If we stay at this level for a month, you can watch our own Okie when he's forced to sink or swim in a fish suit. He's gonna get warmed up for this by playing his merfolk deck in costume at a paper event!
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