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You'll become a member of #TeamBrambledown with all the same benefits as above but you will also be part of the ACEO club.  You will get an ACEO; a collectable miniature from my back catalogue.  You will also get a 10% discount at my Etsy store.
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A little bit more!  Membership to #TeamBrambledown and the "A Fivers" club.  You will get a signed and mounted A5 print, an ACEO and the welcome card, badge and ID card.  You will also get a 15% discount at my Etsy store.
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About Brambledown Designs by Symon Leech

Hello, I’m Symon, have we met? Sit yourself down and let me tell you all about Patreon, I’ll put the kettle on…

So what’s Patreon then?

Glad you asked, was it one lump or two? Two? I’m sure there’s a terrible joke about being sweet in there somewhere but let’s give that a miss shall we? Patreon you say, glad you asked, it’s a way that lovely tea drinking folk like yourselves can fund us starving artists.

But you’re not starving…

No need to be rude, we could all stand to lose a couple of pounds… The idea with Patreon is that a lot of people can help support artists to carry on making the things they like by donating a little each month. It’s the equivalent of buying me a refreshing cup of Earl Grey each month to say thanks for doing what I do.

So what exactly do you do?

That’s a fine question, I’d hope you’d call me an artist. I’m newish to this lark, not so long ago I was a science teacher and back in the mists of time I was a scientist. It turns out that I’m also an artist, who knew??

What kind of art do you do then?

Well I’m going to say pop art, but really it’s a mish mash of pretty much anything I fancy doing. I started off doing pointillist pictures of ridiculous puns, my Dandy Lion is a sight to behold. Then moved onto Space Monkeys in acrylic. Following that I introduced a hammer to a record and turned it into a portrait of Jimi Hendrix.

You smashed up a record!

People always complain!! You know that there were some truly dreadful records made in the past, I know I was there in the 80’s! Besides they were all scratched and before you ask… No I didn’t use any Jimi Hendrix records. Well Jimi went down a storm and I applied the same logic to other stuff including old video tapes, maps and books.

Ooooo upcycling, get you!

I know, right?

So what do I get for my virtual cup of steaming Earl Grey?

Well, you get a warm glow of satisfaction in knowing you helped out a fellow human being. You also get to see what I get up to in the top secret vaults of Brambledown Towers! I’ll be blogging about my latest pieces of work, reporting on the events I go to and doing little videos of me making stuff. I hope to make all that lot interactive so you guys can chat to me and we can maybe have a little group collaboration on which projects I play around with next. I quite fancy a Piano Tuna to play sweet music for the Dandy Lion and the Foxy Lady…

Oh I see what you did there, tuna, Piano Tuner…. You were right they are dreadful puns.

Thanks, I try, not very hard but I try… But there’s more, if you fancy throwing in a cucumber sandwich to go with the cup of Earl Grey then you get access to my exclusive ACEO club!

Oooooo brilliant!! ACEO’s!!!!

You don’t know what one of those is do you?


An ACEO is a small but perfectly formed piece of artwork; they are the trading card of the art world. It stands for Artists Collectible Edition or Original, essentially it’s a playing card sized reproduction or original piece of art which can be collected or traded. It means you can own sets of your favourite pictures without having to worry about wallspace to hang them. So for a little extra you can have a signed and mounted ACEO delivered every month.

What if I do have wall space?

Ah! I like people with wall space! You could throw in…. say a smoked salmon vol au vent? For this I’ll send you one of my A5 prints each month, all signed and with certificates etc.

Oooo, I do like a print! What about that stuff you do with the linoprints?

Well if you fancy throwing in a fondant fancy with the cucumber sandwich and cup of Earl Grey, you’re very welcome! For that I’ll be doing my linocuts, they are on the pages of vintage books...

Books?  First records, now books!!  What kind of monster are you?

The kind that upcycles books that are well past their best.  I only ever use books that are old and scrappy.  I have a very special relationship with the ladies of my local Oxfam!  

What if I can't manage all my tea and cakes and sandwiches all at once?

Well I've put in a special tier to allow you to save for a commissioned original piece of work, I call it my "doggy bag" option.  For instance two months of this tier is the equivalent of commissioning a unique lino print made just for you, whereas five months is equivalent to a painted commission in watercolour.  With the linocut option you'll get the chance to help choose the design and you'll get the very first one of the run and with the painting options you'll get the original picture!  I can also arrange larger pieces if you like.

Well that all sounds very interesting!

I know right!! That’s not the half of it! For no additional tea or cake or anything I’ll be doing a Discord channel, before you ask… It’s a private chat channel where you and other patrons can chat with me and each other. I’ll also be doing a private YouTube channel for things like demos and previews of work, though this will end up on a public channel too, you lovely folks will get the inside scoop on it. Also there will be discount vouchers for you to use on my Etsy shop!

Ooooo all these treats! It feels like my birthday!

Well it’s funny you mention that, that’s another little perk. Since you lovely folk are treating me to something I figure it’s only fair I treat you back, my Mother raised me right! So for your birthday you get a pressie! It’s a secret so I won’t tell you what it is, you’ll just have to wait and no peeking!

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Fifty patrons!

I will buy an Go Pro, this will allow me to produce quality videos for my patrons and for my YouTube channel.
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