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  • Personal mid-month affirmation - delivered digitally to you with a day or two of the 15th via my chosen divinatory system for the month
  • Access to my virtual co-working schedule - schedule time with me and up to 7 others for dedicated work time online using a pomodoro method of timed work and breaks
  • Discord access at the co-existing community level - you'll have access to the basic community channels, giving access to 24/7 online webconference rooms where you can cowork with each other, journal/color/craft, or even drink tea and read together (introvert friendly coexisting spaces!)
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This is a tier that is affordable because it gives you special access to spaces I’m already creating for myself monthly and access to each other in ways that I won't always have to be present for, other than as a moderator. It’s the “I’m taking you along for the ride and then we both gain community! Woo!” tier. 

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  • Quarterly Seasonal Circles (Zoom) - shared sacred space during the turn of season, including guided ritual, suggestions for personal practices
  • Sharing Circles (Zoom) - periodic, focus chosen by Brandice based on season and conversation within the overall community
  • Office Hours (Zoom) - live calls monthly for consultation, tips, supportive strategizing, schedule quick 1:1 slots or submit questions during a group call
  • Quarterly snail mail - little bits of whimsy from me, likely including an affirmation card, some fun office supplies, worksheets or prompts
  • All lower tier rewards (mid-month affirmation, virtual coworking & coexisting, Discord community access)

This is the tier that involves an active community. You will have direct access to me in group formats and to each other through an online discussion space and live gatherings for sharing knowledge, sacred quarterly seasonal ritual, accountability, and even occasional instructional courses. 

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Hi there, and thank you for joining me in this space! This is currently an experimental playground for a venture that has been evolving for a couple of years and has existed in multiple forms. The quick pitch is that I want to offer supportive community and have conversations within that community about how to live an intentional life that is sacred, fulfilling, restful, honest, ever-evolving, and structured to support not just you, but those around you, the community you serve in this life, and the planet as a whole.


I (Brandice, they/them) am a 30-something queer nonbinary femme, clinical social worker by formal education, animistic intuitive practitioner by intensive mentoring and lifelong study, yearly novelist by way of National Novel Writing Month since 2002, anti-oppression focused human by way of ongoing learning and practice, and passionately ANTI-busy cultivator of a life held sacred through witnessing, flexible and intuitively supported goals, and an unflinchingly authentic structure created through healthy boundaries, realistic routines, and supportive systems.


That's a great question, and it's one that I plan to answer organically, through trying some things, offering all of the things that I love to create and talk about, and seeing what all of you like the most, what you want more of, where you want more of me, and honestly what is truly sustainable and fulfilling for me.

Here are some of the things that I love to incorporate into my work toward soulful focus in my own life:

  • Systems that work - When I tell others that it is NOT best practice to keep all of your to-do items, your thoughts, and your feelings in your head all day every day, I truly mean it. I love to talk about methods, tools, and techniques for getting shit out of your head and down on paper. I love to talk about paper products (planners, journals, notebooks), pens, apps and services that I love, and also methods for journaling, writing, planning, and project wrangling.
  • Accountability & community - I'm someone who gets shit done when I've declared it in some space or scheduled time to work with someone else. I like to both talk about how to create reasonable accountability (to self, others, or both) and provide space in which to really be accountable via virtual coworking, strategy nerd-outs, and shared accountability spaces for mastermind type of work.
  • Intuitive grounding - We don't reach the finish line without getting to know and then honoring our gut sense, and also accessing the support and wisdom of something bigger than us, whether it's our sense of the collective, the Universe, a lineage filled with available ancestral knowledge, or some other higher power. I like to encourage this through talking about divination, soul tending, spiritual studies/resources, developing a sacred connection to the earth cycle, and through offering divinatory work and virtual ritual space.
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