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Patreon Bundle!

$1 /creation
You will receive a link to download my Patreon Bundle, exclusive to my Patreon supporters! This bundle features three ***unreleased*** tracks composed by me, just for you! You'll also get access to...

I'll Be Your Follow Back Girl

$3 /creation
Message me your Twitter and Instagram info and I'll follow you, plus all the rewards above.

Personalized Thank You Video!

$5 /creation
Provide your e-mail address (for me to send the video to) and I will record a video to thank you for your support, plus you'll get all the rewards above! 

Your Very Own Character Theme!

$10 /creation
Provide your e-mail address and write me a little blurb about yourself. From your blurb,  I will create a character theme just for you! (Plus all the rewards above). Character theme will be deliver...

You're Invited!

$15 /creation
You'll be invited to monthly video hangouts on my Patrons Only stream! I'll let you know what I'm up to, you guys can tell me what you're up to, you can ask me questions, we'll laugh, we'll cry... ...

Signed CD

$25 /creation
Provide a shipping address at checkout (where I can send the CD to) and I'll scribble you a little love note on your very own CD!

Your Name In Lights

$50 /creation
When uploading tracks to Patreon, I will upload them as a video. That said, at the end of each video, I will include my $50 patrons' names in the end credits!

Your Personal Playlist

$100 /creation
Message me the mood you want your playlist to be (sad music, happy music, sleepy music, etc.) and I will create a personal playlist just for you!* Plus all the rewards above.

* ...


Soundtrack For Your Life

$200 /creation
Send me some situations * you would like me to compose tracks for (i.e., walking the dog on a Sunday afternoon, working out, going to sleep, eating a burrito, etc.)** and I will write the soundtrac...