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About Brando Conklin

Though the ol' birth certificate claims an 'N' at the end of my name, almost everyone I know refers to me without it - so I figured it would only be appropriate for my friends here to do the same. 

That makes me Brando.

If you are reading this, you have probably learned of my existence via my YouTube channel; or more specifically, via my DIY Truck Camper build series. 

What you don't know (yet) is that I actually come from a background in filmmaking, having previously worked on multiple network TV shows, and various film sets. On my own end, I have written three feature screenplays (including being awarded a Top 15% distinction in the Academy's Nicholl Fellowship); an animated comedy series, which at one point had me in a room with the producers of 'Bojack Horseman'; and currently, I am working on what will hopefully become my feature film directorial debut, should I manage to convince the stars to align in my favor. 

Beyond that, I am simply a dude who loves to be constantly making things.

Since the beginning of 2020, I have been living off five-years worth of my hard-earned savings in order to pursue making my passions a full-time means for living. Though my lifestyle requires little, my journey is unfortunately and abruptly coming to an end. As someone who actually loves to work and give back to my community, I have come to Patreon with a simple wish which is to maintain enough time in the day to continue working on the projects that give me life, that, in turn, I can hopefully give back to you, my loving patrons. 

As you might imagine, this costs money; money I currently do not have. To give you an idea, even if I just want to remain static by keeping my current content available online, this still costs me $20/mo in fees for hosting my custom self-built website, which is where I post all my written work, camper build tutorials, and it also doubles as a portfolio/resume. In addition to that, I spend another $30/mo for my Adobe subscription that accounts for all my film editing and graphic design software - all of which is vital to the things I create. 

In pledging a donation to my work, you will be allowing me some much appreciated flexibility in order to create more work, more often. In return, your support will be rewarded as best as I am able to. 

For example: I have already obtained a large amount of interest in the truck camper and have been asked for build plans; and, on several occasions, I have been asked to build them for others through paid commission. To remedy these requests, since I no longer have the required space for another build, I am in the midst of producing a set of build plans, which will be included in a Zine I am releasing in February 2021 and hope to sell for $15/soft-cover, and $5 for digital copy. At these prices,I only hope to cover my costs for printing.

I know it is a lot to ask others for financial aid, and I am not expecting it from anyone. All I ask is that if you like my work and have the means to support me in anyway, that you consider doing so. If there exits a utopia to be had, I believe it lies in a system like Patreon where we can support our fellow human beings, giving EVERYONE the freedom to share their passions with the world, and thus make it a happier place for all. 

Either way, I love you all and thank you for reading up to this point, which I undoubtedly see as support in itself. I promise to create as long as I am physically capable. It is the only thing I am 100% sure of in this life. 

With love and appreciation,

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