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A Miserable Little Pile of Supporters

$1 /mo
Thank you for your support, no amount is too small. I'll add your name to the list of thanks on the website for Castlevania:NotT and any future games I release.

What can I do for you?

$5 /mo
Is the game missing something you would really like to see? A particular monster or boss you would just love to kill? Your favorite character is missing an item that you have a strong attachment to...

Feature your original artwork in one of my games

$10 /mo
If you are an artist who does artwork themed around Castlevania or any other series that I release a board game adaptation of in the future, you may submit an original piece of your art, and I...

Did I forget someone?

$50 /mo
If I haven't included your favorite character in the game, this is your chance. This is a higher-tier reward because it requires a lot more work on my end, giving the character unique abilities, 10...

I'll create an entire game for you

$500 /mo
Your favorite video game, movie, tv series, an event in your life, etc. If you would like a tabletop game based on the daily struggles of Derek, your pet hamster you had when you were 8...I don't c...