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About Brandon Stewart


My name is Brandon Stewart. Father. Artist. Lover of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones. A conscientious observer of the 80's. And now with the help of Patreon: teacher.


My Patreon is a classroom and I want to teach you how to sketch, draw, paint, or all of the above with confidence. My goal is to make a program with lessons that cater to all skill levels- from projects and lessons for kids to adults who are skilled and just looking to brush up on some techniques.

There's no doubt that creating is an adventure with a lot of trials and tribulations along the way. My hope is that these lessons and tutorials will help you in the quest to defeat the blank page.


This ever-growing catalogue of videos, tutorials, projects and exercises will offer all foundational skills that will allow you to draw or paint ANYTHING

Here are some examples of what you'll get by becoming a patron (varies by tier):

  • Videos. Time-lapse and real-time tutorials, lessons, motivations, and more.
  • Exercises. Little assignments to keep you practicing.
  • Projects. Creative endeavors that teach you how to draw or paint specific things.
  • Reviews. I offer my opinions about different art supplies.
  • Reference. For top-tier patrons I will offer reference photos or other things that help you work through projects and exercises. Example: a PDF of views of a human skull.
  • Critiques. Working on a drawing? Want me to take a look and see what is working out and offer guidance on what you're struggling with? Monthly critiques for the $10 tier.  
  • Printable Goodies. Homework for the week. Templates for things like perspective drawings. Handouts for kids projects. You know, neat stuff. 

Here are a few specific things you'll learn by becoming a member:

  • Shape and Form. What are they and why are they important?
  • Sketching. How to become quicker and more comfortable when sketching. 
  • Gesture Drawing. Capturing the movement of whatever you're drawing.
  • Shading. How to make your artwork have depth.
  • Motivation. Learn how to break free of the creative block.
  • Color Theory Basics. Learn how to make colors work for you in your artwork.
  • Finding Your Artistic Voice. Learn how to create like YOU!


Are there things you would like to learn? I'm open to suggestions and will help you! 


The biggest thing when taking on a project like this is TIME. I love teaching and would love spending more time helping others achieve their creative goals. Your generous participation allows me to focus on making videos, tutorials, and more lessons.



Simple. It allows you to support creators directly. Other crowdfunding sites fund PRODUCTS while Patreon funds THE PROCESS. By supporting my Patreon, you are directly, literally, and graciously offering me MORE TIME to create.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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