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About Bravely Go

About The Company
Welcome to Bravely Go, the raddest and baddest financial feminist community around. We're an intersectional finance community- that means we talk about how all parts of our lives play out in our money. We cover all the parts of handling money that no one else does. 

Financial anxiety got you down? We talk about it. Investing confusing AF? We talk about it. The wage gap taking a bite out of your paycheck? WE TALK ABOUT IT. Finances, feminism, practical advice- that's us boo. 

The Big Idea
We believe that by getting more financial education and actual dollar bills into the hands of more people creates real change in our world. Capitalism sucks, but at least we can help you be smart about it and do some good in this crazy lil world of ours.

How We Do What We Do
We host pop up events around the US. We have a YouTube with hilarious and educational videos. We do online courses, webinars, and hang outs. We have a sexy blog.

Basically, we talk all things money, all the time. 

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A Bravely podcast, served hot and fresh into your eardrums! We'll create a show that ties together the personal, the political, and the feminist money talk that you crave. 
This will be a highly produced show with interviews, sound clips, and the jokes and insight you've come to know and love from us.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 48 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 48 exclusive posts

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