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Baby Brawther

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A big thank you for your support! This tier is all about access to Archives of all things podcasts / radio shows only available on my Patreon.

  • Early access to "A Deeper Network" podcasts and Patreon-only Bonus Episodes.
  • Patreon exclusive archives of my monthly Hazy Grooves mixes
  • Exclusive roles and channels in the Discord community
Includes Discord benefits
  • Private community
  • General Support
  • Early access

Little Brawther

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Everything from previous tier plus :

  • Free monthly download in WAV
    (from my back catalogue / unreleased or a private edit).
  • Twice a year" get a digital download to the latest release of my new Patreon label .
    "3 months minimum history as a Patron required to unlock

As my Patronnage increases, i unlock more monthly perks! Check out the goals section.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Private community
  • Early access
  • General Support
  • Digital downloads

Big Brawther

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per month
Everything above plus :

Behind the scenes :
  • "Digging in the crates" - Zoom in on my music selection process, my collection and more!
  • "The Story of..." I'll discuss the making of a track of your choice. Every two months
  • "A Fly on the wall" Monthly 1 hour no talking video where i start a track from scratch
  • Access to all Webinar
  • VLOG about my ongoing work and process.
  • Get Digital files of all forthcoming releases on Negentropy and Courtesy Of Balance that your purchase on vinyl,
  • Download my "Enter The Dungeon" Sample Libary.
  • Ask my podcast guests your questions! To feature in the Podcast Patreon exclusive section !
Includes Discord benefits
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Live Q&As
  • Exclusive voting power
  • Early access
  • General Support
  • Private community
  • Digital downloads
  • Exclusive Lens Access



About Brawther & Interweaved

Hi, Sammy here! 
Thank you for checking this page out ! Let me say a word before I dive in...

I've been releasing music as Brawther since 2009. When I first experienced House music in my teens, I had a real breakthrough moment. I knew I wanted to belong to this community one way or another. The level of connection in the nightclub blew my mind. Ever since, my musical drive has been to be a part of this culture and honour it as a DJ, Producer and Dancer, by doing justice to the music and those who have paved the way for us all.

Since starting my Patreon journey in June 2020, it has connected me to so many amazing indivuduals from all over the world, which has now turned into a buzzing community of like passionate house heads. This Patreon account is not only my home, but that of the wonderful Interweaved Community!

Patreon is a platform that enables artists to build a more sustainable income source by offering a monthly membership to their audience. It gives me the stability needed to further my independent music career, and the freedom to do my best work.

Making a living from producing is rare and underground artists out there don't benefit from the streaming platforms . However, we exist today because underground cultures are all about the smallest amount of people that care the most. We are "niche" and that's our strength. I've travelled around the world thanks to those niches. You are everywhere, regardless of size,  always dedicated. Patreon is a way to connect more directly and meaningfully with my community, away from algorithms and social media. 

This current Covid-19 crisis has given me new perspectives and a new sense of purpose. I want to dedicate myself even more to the studio and serving my Interweaved community .Will you share this journey with us?

Besides allowing me to walk my musical path, my Patrons will receive exclusive benefits only available through Patreon. Additionally, the more Patrons join, the more perks I will add. Check out my goals section where you can see all the stuff that I plan to offer. Here are all the perks! 

Every tier is welcomed into the Discord 's INTERWEAVED Community This is the BEST aspect of joining this Patreon. Beyond the Patreon content, you can meet all other members, share your music, learn and grow musically, enter competitions, potentially get your music signed onto the new Interweaved label and hang in a supportive a super dope hidden corner of the internet :)!

3euros per month! Baby steps that make a huge difference. Thank you!!

Early Access :
Brand new monthly podcast series "A Deeper Network" which features conversations with my fellow artists and friends from our scene. Each episode will be posted here first plus a bonus episode only for Patrons.

Exclusive access to the growing archives of my "Hazy Grooves" mixes, 15 and growing.

Access to Discord (entry level access)

Everything from Baby Brawther plus :
A Monthly Music Download 
I will send you a WAV file every month. It will range from unreleased tracks, private edits and previously vinyl-only releases from my back catalogue. 

Upfront download* of every forthcoming release from my new Patreon Based Interweaved Label. That's around 3-4 tracks per release, twice a year. *You have to have 3 months of membership history to unlock this perk

Access to Discord (wider access - enables the #share-your-music channel)

"Big Brawther Is Watching Me!" 
Everything from above plus :

Behind the scenes :
  • "Digging in the crates" - Zoom in on my ever growing record collection and obsessive passion for finding music that defines me. I'll discuss my favourite records, record digging stories, the way I think about buying records and how it continues to inspire me. 
  • "The Story of..." - Every two months, I will present a track of your choice (via a Poll). I'll discuss the story behind it, show the tools used, the project in the DAW when relevant. It will get nerdy and cater to the curious minds. (Please note : this is not going to be a step by step tutorial presentation).
  • Access to a live Webinar (every 2 months) and all archives, with leading underground artists.
  • Video format diary aka VLOGs about my ongoing work and process. I will talk about which labels I'm working with, what remixes are happening, discuss my working methods. It'll be personal and hopefully informative if not entertaining :)
  • Get Digital files of all forthcoming releases on Negentropy and Courtesy Of Balance if you have purchased the vinyl!
  • Download my "Enter The Dungeon" Sample Libary.
  • Enter All forthcoming competitions.
  • Ask my podcast guests your questions! I'll select them and they will feature in the following month's Bonus section, which will only be available here! 
Access to Discord (All access)
Everything from above plus:

  This tier is the headquarters of the Interweaved record label, home of my Patreon community. Aiming for a minimum of 1-2 vinyl releases per year and more digi. 

Extra Perks : 

Your name printed on the cover
Anyone who joins this Tier will get their name printed on the record sleeve (as long as you join before the printing cut off date). 

Receive a copy on your doorstep!
After 4 months of membership in this tier, you will receive every forthcoming vinyl release delivered to you. Shipping is included.

  • Get Promos of all forthcoming releases on Negentropy and Courtesy Of Balance (unlocked) usually delivered 1 week before the official release date.
  • Merchandise (Tshirts and other goodies to rep our community!)

Join Me :)
NOTE  : 
Patrons are charged the 1st of the month at Midnight Pacific time, That means that you could be the 1st somewhere in Europe when you join and its still the 31st in the West Coast of the US (where Patreon is based).Therefore you might be charged twice in a short period of time :( Keep it in mind please! Especially if you are aiming to join at the beginning of the month. (Also if you join late in the month, you'll be charged upfront on the following month).

Consider your joining fee - regardless of the time of the month - as a way to pay for the Sample pack and the monthly WAV (and of course access to everything else..).

It's important you keep that in mind or you might feel cheated if you get charged again a few days later. That is out of my control! Thank you!!!

252 of 350 patrons
At 250 Patrons, i will unlock the "Deeper States Vol.2" sample bank! Deeper than Deep sounds.
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